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Man’s Task in Love
Jul 21, 2021

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Man must be willing to confront his sexual self. This is a momentous task since sex is the fundamental drive behind every action in existence. The energy of sex is intrinsic to the life force which supports the procreative instinct in all the species on earth. It’s only in human affairs that sex sullies the harmony of life, perpetuating the misery of existence as an unconscious demand for self-satisfaction whatever the price. Man plunders woman in a similar manner to how he deflowered the earth and polluted the oceans. He burrows into her psyche and, when he knows her, becomes restless and hankers after some new sexual experience.

The task of man is to purify his personal space to enable him to realise what he’s supposed to be doing on earth. Behind the genitals is a creative power of divine origin; but his sexual drive must somehow be transformed through a higher purpose than just perpetuating the species and enjoying himself in woman’s vagina. As it is, most men have forgotten their function as the male principle in existence and abdicated their true authority, which is determined by his power to love. Making love with a still mind enables him to detach from the sexual grooves which have formed in his subconscious due to isolation of the genitals as an exclusive focus.

The fascination and pleasure of the genitals, both as a child and then into adulthood, creates a separate consciousness centre. Man’s task is to broaden the concentric pleasure waves of the genital region to encompass the totality of his body consciousness. Increasing stillness greatly enhances his presence in lovemaking, so as to enter more profoundly the mystery of the vagina. The idea is to merge with the extraordinary beauty and participate in the love being made by the source of love itself. The role of the man as the active principle is to be conscious of the pleasure – and to be the pleasure each and every new moment. Reflection on the sensation of love immediately degenerates into sex. But man is thwarted a great deal in his spontaneous actions in love by his numerous hang-ups and neuroses that are, in themselves, symptoms of his unconscious sexual drive.

A man willing to be more responsible for love must first examine his life to see how sex controls his actions in the world. He must make the necessary changes to transform the ingrained sexual urges that manipulate him in his daily activities. This is a major turning point, if he can do it without flinching. It’s the attachment to the sexual feelings and psychic intensity that keeps man sexually loaded. As a consequence, he’s continually primed for sexual release by looking at women through predatory eyes or studying erotic images. The most immediate action for him is to resist the indulgence of pornography and sexual fantasising. If he masturbates, he must restrain his desire to a minimum until he is able to break the habit. And to refrain from talking casually about sex with mates and generating sexual psychic energy in the interactions with women. Most social gatherings exist primarily for vicarious psychic sex, where men and women flirt with innuendo and sexual bravado.

The world has little time for the truth of life – and even less for love. It’s up to the individual man to take up the challenge as the mythical King Arthur with his sword Excalibur. The sword symbolises the penis, which in its purified state has the power to slay the inner beast of sex. Initially, the task of the penis is to enter the female lovingly to gather the tensions and stresses of the world that have lodged in the vagina. It is a most honourable undertaking in man because, to do this, there cannot be the normal fantasising to excite the mind and emotions. Man must be willing to transcend the habitual need for orgasm and let it happen naturally without looking to release his semen every time he makes love. The penis becomes an organ of love and less demanding as a man attunes himself to the reality of his interior world. In becoming more conscious of his inner space, he transforms the coarser energies of sexual greed and is able to appreciate the finer octave of beauty in the sensual exchange of love.

It is rare indeed to find a man who is willing to transform sex into love. Paradoxically woman is his only hope. Man will be changed only by a woman who puts honesty to love above her personal feelings for her man. The authority of man is bestowed upon him by woman who perceives his noble intent to serve love and his willingness to give up his wicked ways. As he does this she is able to surrender more and more her emotionality and becomes, for him, more beautiful and spiritually pure. The finest achievement for man is not being the boss of a multi-national organisation or the best sportsman in the world; but in being given the accolade by woman in recognition of his endeavour to love.

It takes a long time to get it right because the resistance in the bodies is compacted in layers of granite-like matter. These layers of past are symbolised by the strata of earth. The deeper the penetration, the harder the substance – and the greater the resistance to love. Arthur could only draw Excalibur from the rock because he had purified his sexual self, thus demonstrating his worthiness to be master of his realm. When the greater part of man yields to love, he too is able to harness the sword of truth. This is the integrity that resides in the depths of his being.

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