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Manifesting Your Dream Relationship

May 24, 2021
Core Spirit member since May 21, 2021
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Are you struggling in parts of your relationship? Do you know how to fix that specific area? People who know me know how much into manifesting and breath work I am so lets put this into manifesting your dream relationship.

Think about what you desire from your dream relationship. What would you be doing? What would you be wearing? Where would you be on a date? And so to get all these desires, start showing up as that person.

What do you specifically want in your relationship and how do you get it? How do you want to feel? What kind of things would you be doing on your dream date? Let all these thoughts and feelings flood your body and then start to put into practice all these things.

Breath work really helps you to connect your mind and body and for you to really imagine yourself in that certain scenario. Find a comfortable seated position, ground yourself and let go. Close your eyes, soften your jaw and breath. Take in 3 big deep breaths, really noticing your tummy and chest expanding to its fullest capacity. Every exhale release all the negative thoughts and feelings you have and any doubts surrounding the relationship.

Now imagine all those things I've just said previously. Imagine what you would be doing, who you would be with, where you would be, what clothes you'd be wearing etc and most importantly how you feel while doing this and being there, being present with your partner.

Do the work and see what magic happens. As you can imagine all this, this means it will become reality especially if you show up everyday for this and you want it so badly. It will happen. Trust in the process and just let it be. Things will always work out even in unexpected ways. Just trust and learn what your body is telling you. Breath work is absolutely incredible to make anything happen.

Let me know where you are struggling right now and we can hop on a call. Know that the way you are feeling right now is not going to last forever, its up to you to change and you will do with the right guidance. Trust me.

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963f5ce47a2f42a39e3f1d68965260c73y ago

Hey, I'm so glad this post is helpful for you and that it resonates with you. You will know deep down if you use your intuition if you know the timing is right. Animals have a great intuition as they know what plants to eat and what not eat etc, we need to tap into our original guidence by doing meditations and Journaling our thoughts and by trusting in the process of finding a new relationship. Have you ever been hurt before in a relationship? If you have, you'll need to heal first before moving on and finding another one. To do this, you'll need to trust you gut instinct. Now I know this all might sound a bit woo woo but trust me, we are all make up of energy and everything around us carries energy. If you are carrying a negative vibe (which sometimes we are and we don't mean to be) then we need to channel out the negative energy by meditation and energy healing. Once you've healed from a, past relationship you can then move on and find another one. So maybe you've got trust issues to. Maybe you haven't, but when you feel like you are ready, start going on a few dates. Take it really slowly and just get a feel for how you are around the other person, do you like them? Are you attracted to them? Do they make you laugh etc? And most of all do you trust yourself. You are the one who should be guiding yourself. Ask yourself am I ready? Ask in your meditations for your spirit guides or guides or whatever you want to call them. They will have your back. We've lost sight of our gut instinct and need to get it back. If the date you are on, doesn't feel right, then politely walk away and try again. I hope that helps, let me know. Plus do you love yourself? I mean are you confident in your decisions you make in everyday life? Sometimes we are ready and think we're ready but sometimes we're not. We have to live ourselves before we can love another.

Emma Gardner3y ago

Wow, a very helpful article! Can you please tell about how to understand if you are ready for a relationship? I mean, yes, I want a relationship, I know what the ideal relationship is for me. But it's also a huge responsibility, so how do I know if I'm ready for it?