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Male sensing - female sensing, intuitive feeling, oneness.

Oct 7, 2019
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male sensing - female sensing

                                                                          intuitve feeling



On the road for soulful fulfilment?

Under the issue of the itself moving path, I must adjust myself on the individual humane human. I must be involved in the quality of such an individual humane being.

Because I accepted any individual humane being as a parallel universe, I must correlate the cosmic human with cosmic universe. That means, I must clarify the energetic/spiritual impact and their laws also. I only can do this by my experiences and with the help of scientific explanations. This in fact does any humane being.

Here I am much aware that

it is my interpretation,

it can become accepted by my humane partners,

anyone can make his/her own interpretation.

This must be allowed by ……………..!?

Therefore, it is also allowed to speak over it with each partner.

All humane beings are partners and now have a partnerships relation.

I perceive that out of identical experiences also appear identical validation and identical visions.

Because all human persons, human personalities, humane humans and human souls are in some way humane, I took it for worthy to discover what now such a humane human is.

When this now is valid for all humans, in this case a valid cosmic concept can be made and can be described.


                                                             male sensing - female sensing

                                                                           intuitve feeling



Because humane sensing is a spiritual/material affair of the bipolar sense organs and intuitive feeling is pure spiritual, I at first must clarify something over:










Strange, in some way this has something to do with a cross, where Jesus is the suffering one.

Moreover, I make clear here, there is a horizontal- and a vertical emptiness, where in between matter is present. Moreover, this emptiness is not empty! Moreover is not atomic matter. By this, I am pointing that the known matter is of a bipolar structure and this sub-atomic matter is of a spiritual nature.

Therefore, this internal emptiness is with its spirituality vertical directed.

Grave mass acts by a vertical attraction force. It works between the souls of organisms. This vertical issue is nothing else as centre-oriented.

Outer emptiness.

By watching my own material body, in this case I experience around my body an “emptiness” as a space in which other bodies move around. This is now valid for any organism as plants, animals, humans, planets, suns and galaxies, which are present inside spiritual universe and are in motion there. Never mind how big or small they are, they all have an aura, as a field of energies around their individual material presence.

I watch this outer emptiness now as horizontal, because it present between the organisms in any partnerships relation.

This is in special clear in the interpersonal relationships, because they all survive, live and are present upright on the surface of the earth in the moment they use their feet. Now they are earthen!

They are like morphogenetic anchors for a morphic field of instinctive emotional energetic waves. Here now are the instinctive waves of gender fight and of gender harmony active.

Waves of gender fight are send and reflected, where they stay a wave (horizontal).

Waver of gender harmony are attracted and conducted to the inside, by which they become lines (vertical).

Therefore, there is this internal space, by which these lines can move towards the inside. Which emptiness is not anymore present outside of the humane body, moreover inside. Like this saying: Your love goes me under my skin! It does not stay around the surface anymore.

That means also that the humane spiritual/material body is in some way a door, which is present between two “empty spaces”.

Who is searching for heaven outside, takes this door for going out.

He/she becomes a person by expertise and believing (leaving the body).

Who searches for heaven inside, takes this door for entering towards the inside.

He/she become an impertinent humane human, which is pertinent, appropriate present inside.

Therefore, the choice, between involvement and revolution, between an involution and a revolution, has to be made. Both are possible inside evolution. By involution appears an involving motion on the path towards the inside. By a revolution is pointed to a repetitive motion of war of any kind. Separations repeat itself.

By healing a movement and growth appears into the new, into the new humane human.

Therefore, by my experience the importance of this internal “emptiness”, which has a doctrine by anatomy.

Inner, internal emptiness.

Also inside the skin of a humane being, humane person or humane personality a world is realised by smaller and bigger organisms. Where in between these organisms there is a kind of emptiness, regarding of the presence of these organisms.

The biological heart f. e. has a skin and an aura, in which aura this biological heart itself is not any more present. Still there is a moving presence present inside this aura. This spiritual heart has by its four rooms its impact inside the entire body. Compared with the cross above mentioned, these four chambers are adjusted accorded by an inner connection. Inclusive the aura.

Although the skin of the blood circulation takes care for a blood circulation all over the body, this skin has “doors”, by which spiritual energies can enter and can become moved around.

Hormones entering the blood. Now a spiritual blood circulation is managed. Humane blood has a spiritual brain, by which it can think, sense and feel.

Such spiritual systems are present as the hormone system of the immune system etc. Where any system has its aura. Therefore, between all systems there is certain emptiness present and at the same time cooperation. The auras make this possible.

Now, what is present inside an aura?

These systems realise an atomic presence, which bas on atomic self-love and self-healing. However also on atomic self-denial and atomic self-destruction. Here any humane human has its choice. Where inside survival is present this self-destruction and inside self-healing has its impact, realising the soul self of love.

The aura of pain, radiating by sending.

The aura of love, radiating by attraction.

Along this atomic reality, a sub-atomic reality realises itself also, where now on this level reveals itself again a spiritual-soul by maleness and femaleness. Moreover, at the same time there is an attraction force inside this soul emptiness, by which a soul fulfilment is possible.

Therefore now on the sub-atomic level:

                                       male sensing and feeling - female sensing and feeling

                                                                              intuitive feeing



The wished for oneness now is on the pure spiritual level of thinking and feeling possible.

On the atomic level there is still thinking and sensing, by the spiritual/material sense organs.

The spiritual feeling-man and the spiritual feeling woman, therefore not material!, need their spiritual space. Where the feel man realises itself inside the right half of the body and the feel woman inside the left half realise themselves more and more by spiritual growth. They grow, by attracting love energy out of the aura to the inside.

The spiritual man and the spiritual woman can evolve themselves on the sub-atomic level, because they attract towards the inside the needed spiritual energy. By this attraction the impact of an internal attraction between both appears. By this spiritual marriage, a singular spirit becomes conceived, birth and grows in grave mass. I can accept this spirit as the universal soul and name it this way.

This male sensing feeling now can feel the female feelings of the singular soul.

This female sensing feeling now can feel the male feelings of the singular soul.

Now these bipolar feelings come in tune and become realised to one feeling, by which this soul gets more and more feeling mass.

Soul fulfilling inside the internal “emptiness” now is possible.

Where the lecture of attraction must become realised.

This itself fulfilling attraction draws the airy soul masses though the opened material body, towards the inside, into the internal emptiness. A kind of heavenly fulfilment becomes realised.

The lecture now is: take all your courage into your spiritual hands and find the path towards the inside. Finally, it is a dangerous business for using all emotional pains in such a way that they become transformed into the love mass of the soul.

This danger is that the humane being does not know any more WHO he/she is.

Because normally knows a humane being who/she is, because he/she identifies him/her self with the emotional pains of the past. He/she now says: I AM sick. Here are many possibilities to say this, because there are many illnesses on our earth.

Seemingly, need humane persons these illnesses in order to master by their personalities humanity and imprison people inside a sick mastery.

Now it is dangerous to find universal love, because in this case, they loose their sick personalities and sick mastery looses mastery.

There are many illnesses and only one health.

Now health is singular.

Now I have to write by all these knowledge a cosmological model.

Such a model can be written by all kind of personalities and is done this way.

Such a model can be written by all kinds of observing persons and is done this way.

Such a model can be written by a humane human and must be done this way.

I will try it out of the experience to be a perceiving spiritual humane human. Where I will write over spiritual universe.

This should be described as a universe of health.

Here my basic question appears: What kind of skin has health and spiritual universe?

Now the sense of life on earth must become clear.

Now must all instruments, needed for realising spiritual laws, become identified.

Where I here focus on becoming conscious by spiritual de-hypnosis and spiritual/material breathing as the needed instruments.

I was a young boy/man and heard a voice inside of me, which revealed by these words:

                                                       Love is a feeling, what my felling feels,

                                  when IT feels something, of what IT has never felt before.

Later on, I recognised:

Pure love is not male or female, moreover without gender.


                                                                        It loves itself.

I am feeling

I feel admiration.

Is it love?

Is it compensating frustration?

I feel attraction.

Is it love?

Is it allowing satisfaction?

I feel excitement.

Is it love?

Is it entertainment?

I feel threatening.

Is it love,

ready for pain defeating?

I feel sensations.

Is it a sense of love?

Is it a sense of painful castration?

I feel love loving love.

There are no separations,

no differences,

no frustrations,

no entertainments,

no castrations,

no defeating.

There is

satisfaction in orgasm

of any intensity and consciousness.

I am feeling.


a spiritual survival being,

a spiritual love being,

a spiritual universal being.

I am feeling

by the middle of everywhere.

Using my senses

for fulfilling my being

in nowhere.

I am feeling.

Creative thinking

used for my spiritual vision,


spirituality by the spirit


spiritual universe.

As a feeling spirit

I am feeling.

Love loves love, evolving in love mass


universe of love


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