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Male humane - Female humane. Nitpicking humane.

Sep 28, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Male humane - Female humane

Nitpicking humane

A spiritual view by thinking, sensing, feeling, breathing, discovering and breathing.

Where the core any moment is in focus, in order he/she becomes conscious of WAT he/she is.

A name alone does not suit for recognising the humane human.

By giving a humane organism a name, a subject appears. Moreover, of what is this internal impact, therefore this internal life is not yet clarified? The result is that these organisms become recognised, become identified or become deprived by the means of behaviours.

Moreover, of what quality now is their internal impact and does this organism agree with it? What is something like; how loves he/she him/her self and or why hate he/she herself?

Seen this way, there are basically two impacts: The impact of love and the impact of suffer.

By love appear self-love and a self with love, which can grow.

By this growth, universal love can become realised.

Love realises universal love.

Here must become discovered of what love is.

By suffer appears self-suffer and a self with suffer, which can grow.

By this growth, death can become by repeating realised.

Death realises repetition of death.

Here must become discovered of what death really is.

The possibility for choosing is present, although this is not so easy and for sure not free.

As known, of which I take it, I ma on the search after WHAT is a humane human?

Where the point is: The humane human is realisation.

The male humane is a human by male realisation.

The female/feminine humane is a human by female/feminine realisation.

The nit-picking humane is a human by a nit-picking realisation.

Where I recognise a realisation of splitting, fission and a realisation of healing, fusion.

As death and life.

Where death is a repetition of bipolarity.

Where living life in love is a realisation of universal singular life.


It is very much obvious that the phenomenon of death has its realisation on earth. Death appears or becomes realised by an increasing of intense and a culmination of emotional pains.

This is valid inside the world of plants, the animals and inside the world of humane humans. Where the question can be asked: Why there is a deadly impact on earth present?

In addition, am I here not the only one, which does ask such a question or did ask?

Is death caused by a male human, a female human or by a tiny human? Inside the survival system, I could state: A male human creates war and death where a female human creates birth (the tiny human), in order to replace the death ones. Now the circle of war is complete and spiritual reincarnation is possible. Therefore this dark matter inside spiritual universe?

Moreover, is there a universal instance, which organises and realises this on earth and eventual on other universal organisms? Because of these emotional pains, I now can say that this must become related with a spiritual bipolarity and duality. Because this is seemingly accepted as a cultural affair, must death be seen as an inclusion? Therefore is searched for an other planet inside universe with identical pre-conditions, in order that humanity can survive.


Moreover, there is also living life. Here also this question: Why is life on earth, when death again and again kills this life? In which view realises not this life this male-, female- and or tiny humane human? Why I started my search for eternal life and universal love? Who/What, told me to do so?

As I mentioned often: I am asking question and are in special a quest, searching for answers to come.

Seemingly am I a humane spiritual/material human.

What I also can state different: Why am I landed on this violence-oriented earth? Why I did discover by these questions, there is love in the various forms? Why is there present a male-, female and/or tiny love? Why there is a universal love?

Yes, asking question is simply and easy. Moreover to be a quest is for sure more difficult, because now my present realisation is questioned. Therefore, it is for me logical that answers must fill this empty quest. For fulfilment also. I found some fulfilling answers, where I do experience the failing answers for fulfilment completely.

Therefore discovering on, writing

and discus, communicate and speak with partners.

Because I accepted that, all male, female and tiny human humans are somehow on the search, where they are totally in despair for not finding yet the right answers.

By this view, I am as a quest a womb where within are born answers.

Therefore: Impact, realisation.

The origin impact and realisation of humane species on earth, was this merging/marrying of subatomic bipolar hydrogen, by which Helium was born. I have to accept here a scientific validation, because I was not present at that moment. Anyhow, I cannot remember this!

Moreover, certain logic this has, when I watch the impact and realisations on earth by plants, animals and humans.

Anyhow, it is again an impact by two identities, where by conceiving/birthing a trinity becomes realised. As with humans. Therefore appears a trinity of subjects, moreover also a trinity of realising,

Where I here adjust my self by my texts on the realisation of a humane human.

This impact becomes realised between two or more spiritual/material partners by their complete body. In addition, there is such an impact INSIDE one humane body.

An impact realises a reality, a realm.

A realm with a consciousness now is the result.


I describe a consciousness as follows:

Consciousness is a form in motion, where inside this form a motion moves.

Now an impact realises itself, which is the case inside entire universe. In addition, there is identification.

Here at first: inter-humane.

At the moment that the woman is not anymore different to the man, moreover both are partners, humane partnerships are realised. The difference is not that important anymore.

By being different a we-consciousness can appear, moreover an us-consciousness of oneness is not anymore possible.

At the moment that the woman is different to the man, humane opposing is realised, which are ever active inside any gender fight. Although by biological view the woman is somehow a bit different to the man, is this being different by very small. Here the difference is present inside the so-called sexual identities.

By this, it is possible to determine the impacts. Here it is possible to experience, how inside survival the sender of his projections destine the experience. Because humane persons inside survival think that way. They shoot and are with this in good condition. Here a survival love is present by the means of projections, where the semen is shot into the egg.

Moreover, here I want to speak over the humane human, who lives in love and an attraction force replaces this shot of war of any kind.

Inside the electromagnetic world of waves is shot, is sending out, is radiated out and finally killed by emotional pains. This also could be watched as self-denial or suicide and where reincarnation must follow. (The conception and birth in emotional pains!)

Now following must here not watched as humane personally. My words concern here the humane human.

The moving realisation of male humans.

This realising in motion moves itself into the direction of the realising impact of the female woman. By this, there appears a unifying realisation, which inside love leads to oneness. This impact base on attraction and centring.

The moving realisation of a female human.

This moving impact base on receiving of the male impact. By this, an impact of unification appears which leads inside love to oneness. This impact base on attraction and receiving.

By both impacts the new impact becomes conceived and birthed.

The moving impact of a tiny human.

By the conception of both impacts, the impact of a small humane human with its impact becomes conceived. Now evolution can work in such a way that out of the small realising humane an itself realising male or female human grows.

Where now the question appears: In which realising impact does he/she grow?

In common, my answer is: At first inside realising survival and possibly later on inside the realisation of living life in love.

Where this love can have its impact to the inside and to the outside.

Moreover, this is the core for my next text.

I am hearing

I hear.

I hear what you say.

I hear what I say.

Is it the same?

It is else,

now to blame.

I hear.

I hear.

Hearing the known

confirming pain,

hearing the new is in vain.

Hearing the new

opening pain,

happens by the few.

My art of hearing

word send by ears

is unknown.

Hearing inside

the soundless voice

feeling life.

Hearing outside

words full of sound

seeing life around

which is survival

where war is bound.

Hearing inside

these feeling words

to be born by the sound outside.

Feeling create sound to hear,

evolving to silence to feel.


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