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Loving Yourself Is Like Going On A Diet
Feb 2, 2021

Loving yourself should be your primary focus. Your reason for being here is for you to experience and learn, so yes, it IS all about YOU!

Fundamentally it’s about releasing yourself from NOT loving YOU. Because once you set yourself on the path to the most powerful love you can ever expect to receive your vibration will be fulfilled.

But do you know who you are? I mean, really know YOU?

How much love have you given to yourself today – yesterday – ever?

Do you love everyone and everything around you? Yes, of course you do – well, most of the time anyway.

The biggest thing we all tend to forget is that you are part of every living vibration, therefore by NOT loving yourself, you are not honouring YOU or everything else you love!

It is certainly not being conceited or in the ego. It is about respecting yourself in a universe that already loves you and wants you to acknowledge your purpose and reason for being here.

What we sometimes overlook is that we are energy beings having a human experience. As our energy bounces and dances around on this earth, it interlaces and weaves in and out of every vibrational process, combining itself with every living thing. Through this process it creates and changes in the vibrational energy causing it to expand differently.

So if we are closed or negative about ourselves do you think our energy is communicating the expansiveness which is of love? Of course not. The more we withdraw from the acceptance of loving ourselves, the harder it is to connect with the freedom of this vibration.

Questions I want you to ask yourself are, can you accept being given a compliment without wriggling around uncomfortably? When someone acknowledges something you have done for them, can you accept their thanks without offering up justifications? Can you look at yourself in a mirror and say “I love YOU, I love my vibration” – and mean it!

You should be able to take the praise that is given to you, even from yourself, without extending excuses. If you can, then Kudos to you, because you are on the right track and can accept and embrace the vibration of love. After all, you are of love, we are all of love, which is the vibration of pure and sincere energy.

The more you do this, the more comfortable you will feel with yourself. Others will sense and see your vibration expanding and evolving connecting to your authentic self.

Spiritual growth can only take place when we accept and love our inner and outer soul. If we have experienced years of hearing or telling ourselves we are not loved, then give yourself grace as this is something that will not automatically happen overnight. Like learning anything new, we have to hone our skills and be comfortable with the transformation. Be gentle with you and before long you will not only feel, but see the difference as your soul transforms from clearing away the obstructions. I akin it to losing weight. Initially when you look at yourself in the mirror you may not like what you see. But after time as the mass decreases you see yourself in a different way, with more positive reflection.

Loving yourself is, after all, your divine right. It is a conscious decision that can vibrationally change your life. The transformation begins with you, so what are you waiting for, stand in front of that mirror and start practicing your love of yourself!

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