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Aug 21, 2020
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Connection is SO vital for our souls. In those moments of making eye contact with passersby to receiving a hug from a close friend to having a deep, spiritual conversation about life - we CRAVE connection on all levels. For some of us who experience anxiety, especially social anxiety, connection might feel daunting. We want it, but it doesn’t feel safe to connect and allow someone into our inner worlds.

Perhaps you were hurt as a child by someone you trusted. Perhaps you loved someone and honored someone with all your heart and soul, only for that someone to leave you, which created feelings of betrayal, disappointment, and abandonment.

Since I was ten years of age, I experienced major social anxiety. In school, I would hide in the bathroom during class, I would wear sunglasses inside the building (fear of eye contact,) I would not know how to get words out of my mouth, because I felt so frozen to speak. I pushed people away, and all the same, I wanted connection - I wanted to be UNDERSTOOD. I wanted to be HEARD. I wanted EMPATHY and SUPPORT. I felt so alone.

I have grown much from this. I see that my social anxiety comes from a mistrust in others and in self. It comes from feeling like I need to hide my true self from others (fear of being judged and put down for my opinions.) Though I am still working through some fears, I find comfort within tarot readings, Reiki healing, and coaching.

So today, I would love to connect with your soul through 1 (2, or all) of my services. Ideally, I would get to know you through some coaching (through email - great for people with social anxiety!) and then we could try out a tarot reading for some more insights. If you feel called to do some energy work, Reiki is an amazing option!

The purpose of my services is to create a SAFE SPACE for you to express yourself (for being AUTHENTICALLY YOU!) It is a judgement free zone - anything you want to say is 100% ok!

Let’s move through these energies together!

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