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Jul 11, 2020
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Did you lose yourself, did you fully invest in someone thinking they had long term in mind as you did.

You’re not alone, its a thing… we all have been played, used, also misleading.

Don’t ever think that you are dealing with this alone, I know it hurts and your learning but doesn’t want to do the inner healing, listen here and trust these guided words, I was sent here to help you, I was sent here for you to see this…

Yes, you read right, I was created just for you to find happiness out of depression.

So know that you have a Divine Purpose in life that has nothing to do with you, but if you can’t find you in you quickly, another will be lost.

What if I was slacking in helping you heal… imagine who you are neglecting other than your healing.

Grow…. a message from your spirit guides.

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