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Journey Through Lifetimes Part 3 – What Past Lives have I had and how can they affect me?

Jan 22, 2021

As you move further along your journey of where you came from and your first incarnation on earth you reach some of your previous past lives that you chose to experience to help you hopefully grow and evolve. I say some of your past lives as when you go on this journey you experience the past lives that are important for you to understand and clear so that you can evolve in your current life time (especially if like me you have over 300 past lives lol).

Maybe you visit a past life where you were part of Atlantis and misused the technology and crystals moving away from harmony and unity to power and greed by being involved in the destruction of Atlantis. Experiencing the influence of others egging you on, the rage, the anger at the point of death when you realise that power had consumed you and you helped bring about the end of a beautiful ideal way of living. What did you learn? Did you and are you still punishing yourself for the destruction you helped cause?

Then you move onto another relevant lifetime where you are a wise women working with herbs and plants to help others. Maybe you have cats there and you recognise them from your current lifetime or maybe there are people you interact with who you recognise from your current life. Being made to move from where you live because the land owner was greedy and you ended up on the outskirts of the village being called a witch. Trying to make a living by bartering your knowledge and skills in plant medicine for food and clothes, upsetting the church who were powerful and weren’t happy that they had no power over you. Leading to your death where you were pulled from your house by a person you recognise as someone who you had killed in Atlantis and was now going to destroy you by riling up the crowd to burn you at the stake. Do feel anger towards this person and the jeering crowd or do you feel compassion, bare no malice and accept that karma is playing out? Realising when you look back at the life you are leaving that you were able to assist people, you had learnt about compassion, that you should forgive yourself for what happened in Atlantis and realise that you have still not forgiven yourself in your current lifetime.

Another lifetime you may be married with children living in a mansion with servants but you don’t conform to how society or your husband thinks you should. There is a governess for the children but you spend a lot of time with them, but you feel that this is what you should do. Maybe it’s because although your husband was never cruel to you or the children and there was lots of fun and laughter in the house he was having affairs because he could. You have friends even one you recognise from your current lifetime and a good social life but you feel powerless like something is missing and you can’t stand up for yourself. When you pass you are surrounded by your children and grandchildren being called home and you have regret that you never stood up for yourself or spoke your truth. Why? Was it remnants of the past life when you misused your power or when you had no control over your death?

Then you may move to another lifetime where you have a happy childhood and again you recognise people there from your current life time. When your father gets sick and then your mother you feel sad because you can’t help them get better but you read a lot of books about plants learning their Latin names and how they can help heal but being a female you are not allowed to train to be a doctor you are expected to marry well. You decide not to marry but study in your own time learning as much about medicine as you can and when your parents die you end up making a living by helping those that are poor and can’t afford a doctor. Then you meet a German doctor and his wife who take you under their wings and the doctor allows you to help him with his patients as well but you are expected to and you accept that you have to work hard. When the doctor dies he leaves you some money in his will and you continue to help those who are poor as well as some of the doctors existing patients. At the end of your life what had you achieved, had you made up for your misuse of power, had you taken control of your life, what had you learnt and what did you need to heal?

So is this the end, a continuation or a beginning?

Journey Through Lifetimes is a way to explore where you came from, what your first incarnation on earth was, what past lives do you need to learn from, why did you choose your present lifetime and most importantly what is your purpose/reason for being here on earth now so that you can take charge of your destiny.

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