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Journey Through Lifetimes Part 2 – What was my first incarnation on Earth?

Jan 22, 2021

From working with clients and my own insights we have already looked at why you chose to incarnate on Earth so now let us look at who or what you started life on Earth as. If you did not come from another dimension, planet, star or a place not yet revealed then you may have started as part of Gaia whether as a seedling, seaweed, micronism or any other organism.

Imagine if you started life as a seedling that grew into a dandelion and then your seeds got blown and carried into the wind into all the other lifetimes you have had. You could have started your first incarnation on earth as bug and realised that you had a very short life and that there were things that would prey on you. Why would you choose that? Maybe one of the lessons you wanted to experience was to learn about and have compassion for all living things no matter how small.

Maybe you were a bird flying above a vast expansive mooreland stretching for miles feeling the wind blowing against your feathers, seeing small creatures with your acute eyesight and sensing the strength of being a large bird of prey. But then as time goes on you realise that your eyesight is going, you can’t fly as far, food gets scarcer and you become the hunted. When you pass and look back on that life as a bird what lessons did you learn, maybe to gain knowledge, experience life as a hunter and being hunted or the feeling of freedom?

Possibly your first incarnation on earth was as an early version of a human, maybe still hairy, chimpanzee like living in an extended family hunting in the forests for berries and deer keeping away from other groups as much as you can until someone from another group you are suspicious of kills you with a spear. Why did that have to happen? Maybe it was so you would learn about community, connection with others, life is to short to waste it and to trust your instincts.

How about if your first incarnation on earth was as a child maybe a different sex to the one you are in your current lifetime. You were part of tribe following the stars and moon having a wonderful happy childhood with lots of friends and family. Story telling around a fire about the knowledge and wisdom of your ancestors. Growing up and becoming a warrior to protect your tribe, remembering the history of your people so that everyone can thrive and pass the knowledge on for future generations. Living to an old age having experienced love, death and many other things that affected you at the time but when you look back on that life you know that you have fulfilled your duty, followed your heart, spoke your truth and remembered your ancestors so knowledge was not lost.

Of course your first incarnation may not have been happy, you may have been born in servitude in a castle where the master was in control of every aspect of your life. Your mum dying when you were born, your father several years later leaving you as a servant in a kitchen but you did have the other servants as friends and confidants that made life happier for you. Being abused and then strangled by the master because that is how he kept his power but taking it to far so you die at only 21 years of age. Why you may ask, why this first horrible incarnation, what did I have to learn and did I learn it? Maybe it was the fear of freedom, maybe to give you strength of character, to experience life as a victim with no control or possibly it was not to allow yourself to be oppressed.

Then of course you may have come to earth but felt the call of the stars, sun or moon not knowing why they called you or remembering that is where you originally came from and that is why you still feel connected to them. But you realise as your life goes on living with your tribe in tepees, living and working with nature, being part of a family community until it is time to move onto another tribe and raise your own family before becoming an elder that you forget about the stars calling you and are content with your life. Knowing that you were never alone, you were strong, you had a sense of belonging and when you passed you remembered where you came from and why the universe felt like it was calling you home.

So was this a beginning, an end or a continuation?

Journey Through Lifetimes is a way to explore where you came from, what your first incarnation on earth was, what past lives do you need to learn from, why did you choose your present lifetime and most importantly what is your purpose/reason for being here on earth now so that you can take charge of your destiny.

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