Feb 27, 2023

Alan John Porter
Core Spirit member since Feb 24, 2023
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Within these articles I write, each is part of a big metaphorical beautiful jigsaw that shows, there is far more to life than we believe.
I’ve spoken before of my artistic gift being a vehicle to help and see the visions I’m given. This painting you will see was created on 24.4.2008, after a young woman visited my home saying she had a dream where she had seen Jesus. I believe in Jesus, and I have had many experiences of knowing he is next to me, but I say again, I don’t belong to any religious group. I believe there have been many great messengers in past centuries bringing light into the darkness of the world. I don’t ever fully see what I’m to paint, as it’s impossible with what my vision can show in small detail at times.
Around the head of Jesus I saw the polar ice caps melting far faster than we can imagine. I see and feel Orangutans being cruelly persecuted, as I know they will be one day another extinct species. I see Gorillas equally experiencing the same barbaric treatment, which I paint as a frame to the picture which slowly emerges. I’m given to see the inhumanity shown to children around the world. I found this part of my vision very painful to create. Such scenes still prevail in 2023. I’m shown in the hand of Jesus grains of sand, a symbol that shows time is running out for our present civilisation, unless there is great change. In the other hand of Jesus, I’m shown grains of corn falling and getting less to feed fully all who live on our planet Earth. In the bottom centre of this vision, I’m now given to see the Bank of England, whose home is Thread Needle Street in London, collapsing. This came to me in a vision in 2005. Look closely where there is a date written on a fallen stone block. You see lightning striking above a great ocean that is knocking over a row of dominoes, a symbol where many wrongs in society will fall. Then you see an explosion of material items that have become an addiction to many of the young and the wider society. I painted an image next to the bank showing soldiers participating in an action of war. You see the young with alcohol and material objects which is hard for some to refrain from in later life. You see if you look closely on an iPad, a scene showing an explosion, then on a small phone face saying the word Change. On a gold wrist watch it shows the time 5 to midnight. On the far right hand side of this vision you see two stone blocks saying, OUR ACTIONS CAN CHANGE THE FUTURE.
My visions, messages and predictions are to bring a new direction for all in life. None of what I’ve painted need not be. We have the intelligence and resources to sustain and create an even more beautiful world for all to live in. The title I was given with this vision was loud and clear. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE.

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