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Is Mature Love for Real ?

Oct 2, 2021
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Love is a powerful emotion that keeps the relations connected and strong.A teenager’s definition of love differs from that of a grown up.Now you might be wondering when the emotion is same then why it has variants ?

Well the answer is simple. Love ages with you.When you are young,you feel inspired by the romantic movies you see or the love oriented books that you read. Hence you call the need for attachment as love. Romantic candle night dinners, long walks around the lake, endless chats with your beloved are few ideas that pop up in your mind when you think about the feeling of love.Not bad! At least that’s what they show in their movies and describe in books
But my dear friend,we don’t live in a fantasy filled life of a movie or a romantic book.We live in real time where we have worldly affairs to address. These worldly issues take up our mind space and time.The free time we get, is allotted to the feeling we call love.Mature love is attachment based.You might be busy at work but in your heart you know that your special one is there for you.It’s not that he is sitting under the moon and writing poems about you.He might be busy too, but by heart you both are connected.Two people who are willing to accept each other for who they are form a strong bond.They decide to stay together thorough thick and thin.If you end up in an argument with your loved one,take a step back and loose the argument but never loose the love.

"Love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us.It is not a mere sentiment.It is the truth;It is the joythat is at the root of all creation"
Rabindranath Tagore

Being 30 today, I cannot agree more.Our little gestures of care and concern for our beloved in our everyday life ,pave path for the long term love,we call mature love. I love you gets replaced by have you had your lunch today. I can’t live without you gets a new form; making retirement plans together.A love that handles hard situations with wisdom and care is the one that lasts.

A true relationship demands sacrifice and adjustment.Both partners need to uplift their tolerance and commitment levels.Many unfavorable situations in life can be dealt with compromise and better understanding of each other’s nature.Unconditional love is not the sole ingredient of a happy relationship.A home that echoes with laughter and smiles stays warm always.Beautiful moments spend together become memories to cherish for.Holding hands in happy and sad moments nurture the essence of mature love.Imperfections need to be endured,flaws need to be overlooked and differences in opinion need to respected.

Mature love has its own beauty just like a ripe flower scented with grown up emotions and realistic expectations.With the passage of time,your thoughts and behavior get mature .So does the divine love in your heart.The beautiful emotion transforms into a grey colored mature love that is there to stay !

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