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Interesting historical facts about piercing

Mar 16, 2021
Skyler Rivera
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Due to the fact that the topic of piercing has become more and more popular in pop culture, a number of interesting facts have become known. The 20 facts were collected focusing on piercing history, art, beauty and pop culture.

1. Ear-piercing dates back to 2500 BC.

2. Both the Old and New Testaments describe piercings as signs of dedication and possession. It was also assumed that the pierced were under the protection of the masters or deities with whom the particular piercing was identified.

3. The ancient Mayans of Central America practised ritual body piercing, the aims of which included pacifying the gods and achieving an altered state of consciousness.

4. The Hindu rituals of hanging the body, the practice of piercing the skin with large hooks and then hanging the human body on these hooks, dates back 5000 years in India.

5. In Ancient Egypt, body piercing showed wealth, social status, and even religious beliefs. And also the navel piercing was allowed only to the pharaohs.

6. Pirates wore gold earrings not only out of fashion, but also because they believed that precious metals can heal properties, help with seasickness and protect against drowning. In addition, the earrings were intended to cover funeral expenses in the event of a pirate’s death in foreign territory.

7. Both Julius Caesar and even Shakespeare had their ears pierced.

8. In Wales, it is illegal to pierce the genitals, tongue or nipples of anyone the age of 18.

9. Some US states, for example, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, have created legislatures to prohibit animal piercing.

10. 83% of Americans have their ears pierced.

11. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Scotland is the country with the most piercings.

12. About 12% of men in the United States have the same type of piercing. The most popular place besides the ear is the nipple.

13. Only 14% of piercings pierce the body outside the earlobe.

14. Ayurveda doctors believe that era piercing has medical benefits, it could be a permanent cure for hydrogen and hernia for men. And also, it can help improve vision digestion and fight anxiety.

15. 10% of British girls over 16 have their ear-piercing outside the ear. The most popular place after the ear is the navel.

16. 72% of Americans with piercings have had their piercing under the age of 24. A high level of piercing at a young age is associated with the likelihood of trying new things while developing your personality.

17. Nipple piercing was a fashion for about 10 years in Victorian France and England, as there was a belief that this type of piercing would widen the buttocks. However, this craze didn’t last long, from roughly the 1890s to the early 1900s.

18. Although genital piercing is thought to enhance the pleasure of sex, only 3% of men and 2% of women in the US have their genitals pierced.

19. According to the Guinness Book of World Records,

Elaine Davidson is the “most pierced woman”, her body has over 9000 piercings. There are more piercings in her genitals than anywhere else in her body.

20. “Hanuman Jayanti” is an annual meeting in India that is held on the full moon, in late March or in early April, during which participants can practice the tradition of piercing that they believe cures all types of ailments, for example, chickenpox.

Thus, as the popularity of piercing has grown, a number of interesting facts have been revealed and some of which are even based on the Guinness Book of World records.

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