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Ingredients Can Make a Difference

Mar 22, 2023
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Do you pay attention to the ingredients in what you eat and use on your body? Some people read the ingredients to decide what to buy while other make their decisions based on labels and advertising.

What You Put in Your Body
Reading the ingredients is always a good idea. It is important to know what you are putting in your body and how it effects you. If you don't want certain things in your food and you pick up an item with something you don't like, you can try another. If you don't want to consume canola oil and you pick up a peanut butter with canola oil in it you can find a peanut butter that doesn't have it. If you aren't sure if canola oil is good for you or harmful it is easy to look it up. There will probably be many sources that will tell you what their research has shown. You can do this with all of your food.

Not Just Food
Ingredients don't enter your body just from what you eat. Your body will absorb the ingredients from rubbiing shampoo and soap on your skin and brushing your teeth and gums with toothpaste.

Do you want to use products with sodium lauryl sulfate or Parabans? It's up to you. If you find self care products with these ingredients you can use something without them. Again, if you aren't sure about the ingredients, look them up to see what is good and what is bad. One dentist may say use a toothpaste with floride while another may say it isn't necesary because there is floride in our water. You will have to make your decisions based on your research.

You Will Have to Decide
It's up to you how far you want to go. Do you want to eliminat a few bad things or go all the way? Do you just want to eliminate bad oils and use only the good ones? Do you just want to reduce or eliminate suger? Or do you want to totally clense yourself of anything unhealthy and only eat what is good for you?

It's up tp you, a lot of information is out there to help you decide. The question is, how much effort do you want to put into it?

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