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In Hope

Dec 9, 2020
Core Spirit member since Dec 7, 2020
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You can actually choose when you die. I know it can’t be perceived or understood if you haven’t received this download already but, your death has been already decided by you, before you incarnated here, you knew what you came here for, purpose which is only becoming more and more with every second of this experience, constant evolving, you knew that you will want to die at a certain point in our evolution, because your contribution would have been added to the One creation and maybe there’s another experience, in another life waiting for you, it’s been already decided by you, that too, not the time and day and year, because the real you (Us) doesn’t see things in time, but in the being of the Now. It is known, the Now in which you’ll want to die

However, you can really feel this, from keeping a strong divine connection, with the source, viewing things from the One perspective, and you will know it will be right because it will feel like dying in love, dying for the now has come to leave this body, it is not dying out of illness. It is not dying in an accident, you didn’t want that, randomly because of fear or ignorance or other low vibrational feelings, those can play a role in your already planned -now to go, because those are truly, spirits of darkness, created by us from malfunctioning thinking, and they are meant to manifest as they are, that is why people are dying from corona, or illness, the manifestation of fear in all cases, of stuck low feelings.

Those are the ones that damage our organs and our organs, each has it’s own life. If you focus on sending love to your liver, it actually works in healing it because Love is the only Cure. Everything, food you eat that you think could damage you, is vibration, it can’t hurt you if you eat it with the right vibration in you, it is only about belief. What you believe, will either give you complete power over your body and life, or it will destroy it. If you are eating something and thinking “oh, this hamburger is gonna damage my health”, it will!!!! That’s why there are humans who can eat whatever and have their health intact, because of their vibrational love alignment. What you believe controls you, that’s why it’s the best to practice self love and just focus on love, not on other people’s beliefs. If you think an illness will kill you (like cancer for example, which from what humans say, it doesn’t have a cure), it will!!!! If you follow that belief. That they decided for you, at an unconscious level, it is implanted in you, the fear arises instantly.

But what we don’t realise is that we’re strong enough to overcome it, we actually have a choice, we do, we actually do, we don’t have to die from illness, or accidents, we don’t. And if you choose to fear, when you get the symptoms, you’re only agravating it. Because it is all about faith. All about how strong can TRULY your faith in LOVE can be. Is it thaaat strooong that no thing others would say, would influence your focus from it? If you decide, I’m Love, is there aaaanything they could say or do that would make you forget who you are? Or get lost in illusion? Because we created everything, instead of defending ourselves from our own creation (in illusion), we could actually conenct to the truth, im our hearts, and stop creating the thing we think we have to defend ourselves from!!!! And that can only happen when we realise we are always safe.

Because once you realise, it’s over. You sense every bit of darkness trying to get a hold of you and you don’t let it anymore. You choose love everytime. You fight until you’re so strong in love that you are the one coming after “them” this time. After the -illusion. With the truth. Armed, in Love. For the war is already won. And nothing is scary anymore

People are rebbeling all over the world already, they know why in their hearts, there’s a change happening. And I am confident, that it only gets better for humanity, from here. From every -here, from every -now. Love will always win

-In Hope. I appreciate us and want us to be happy always. Honestly, I know

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