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I Have Only You Known for a While

Sep 20, 2023
Core Spirit member since Sep 18, 2023
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Recounting about you makes me remember memories that have passed. But I always remember those memories until now, even though you are happy with the person you choose.

Several years ago I really admired everything you did. I tried to find out about you, starting from your favorite music, your favorite food, your dreams, and everything about you is very related to me. I love the way you treat me so well, look at me and walked beside me.

I only harbored my feelings for you, because I was afraid of you leaving me. Until the time comes, the way you make me think that you like me too but it turns out you don’t, you are just played with me.

Why do I still like you?

I’m slowly starting to get away from you and get rid of this feeling, it’s too hard for me to do but I have to do it. I realized that maybe you are not the best for me and I am not a special person in your life. I am very grateful to have known you even if only for a short time.

We have different paths, but our friendship will never be broken. I can’t explain it clearly because it hurts for me so much. From this incident I took the positive side, the way you treated me very well.

I am very grateful to myself for having met you.

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