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Humane Yes-mind

Sep 26, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Humane Yes-Mind.

By the yes-mind, it is possible to say Yes to a live living in love. In fact, this is now a sexual affair, where it is the goal for coming to the point. Besides this, it is wished for by coming to the point, to be happy and finally be fulfilled.

Here I put the conception of a humane being into the centre of happening. Where I say that not only humane beings do experiences such a conception. No, on the contrary. All of what is happening inside our known spiritual/material universe base on the concept of evolution, by the impact of fusion.

Where a separation, a fission makes clear there is still much to happen inside evolution, concerning fusion. This again makes clear that by evolution and fusion inside universe is not fulfilled yet. Also plants and animals on earth appear by a concept of fusion, of coming together or said different by healing.

Here appears for me a basic question:

Appears a fusion, a healing, a coming together by attraction or by pressure.

In the scientific world, such an attraction is also known as under pressure. This is logical, because of the scientific thinking as an observer. Any observer is always in some way distanced, either to the inside or to the outside.

By the humane perceiver, which is a partner of the humane personal observer, this is different.

The perceiver is present inside the centre of any spiritual organism.

Here he is taking the truth inside.

Therefore, by the perceiver all base on attraction.

I therefore made the decision that attraction is the basic impact inside spiritual universe. When inside attraction a resistance stops its energetic/spiritual impact, now at first appears an opposing impact.

Inside the survival, system is waked up the impression that pressure is the dominant factor. This is now logical, because of the no-mind. Denial impress the humane persons and personalities in such a way, they become depressive. Where depression is nothing else as the suppression of living life in love of a humane human.

Anyhow, I realised and perceived that when a human become interested for any thing, they do not run a way! Attractions appear and even a dependency, which also becomes an addiction, or should or could-

Therefore, I thought that there must be present also an other concept

as I experienced many years inside the survival system.

I have this other concept accepted and perceived as living life in love. Where I try to describe this concept since many years in all his facets. Where also this question appeared: What am I as a ……….humane human?

Because of the impact by attraction:

What am I attraction as humane human towards me?

To what I do say yes by my yes-mind?

When this me is my self, now it is also possible to discover different selves,

to observe and to perceive them.

Therefore, I recognise a self of a human person, a human personality, of a humane human and of a universal human.

When there is spoken of self-love and self-healing, because of attraction, now this must be an impact which is present in special inside spiritual universe.

Here is also spoken of this holographic universe.

However, there is also self-destruction and self hate present inside humane beings. Because bipolar, therefore not yet healed organisms are fighting which each other, they hurt themselves “partners” inside the survival system.

This concept was not any more attractive to me.

Now I have to clarify a yes-mind of self-love and self-healing. Otherwise, anything and everything stays the same, where humane humans never, yes never, become freed from their emotional pains. They will be destines by death and reincarnation.

Therefore must this yes-mind be destined by living life in love. This yes-mind must even be capable to say yes to universal love.

Moreover, in this case the humane human must in some way know, of what universal love is.

I accepted that this universal love in fact is hardly known or conscious. In the world of believing, there is a belief for universal love! Now it must be possible also to experience, to feel this universal love. By such an experience, now the question after what am I, become answered this way:

I am love.

The yes-mind identifies himself with a formally content of love. Because the humane human is bound inside an inner fight between life and death, this yes-mind must say yes to this inner fight. First after this happened, the humane self can choose with his yes-mind between self-love and self hate. Between becoming conscious and staying unconscious.

Now the pre-condition is the recognition that I am conscious AND unconscious.

Now the path in/with love by the yes-mind can begin. Because now this unconscious love can become aired into the daylight and can become lived.

The humane persons and personalities must become aware of the possibility of living life in love.

Walk the line and become conscious of self-love.

By the yes-mind it is possible.



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