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Humane no-no-mind
Sep 26, 2019

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Humane no-no-mind

All humane stories and histories base on the possibility of thinking, sensing and feeling.

Now it is possible inside thinking to think over, think after and even think ahead. By this, logically many emotions become activated, where they also become sensed and felt.

Where I experience an intellectual thinking and an intelligent thinking.

Intellectual thinking bases an old recognitions, old knowing. High intellectual persons and personalities can think faster as the so-called dummies. I also know that emotional pains make ignorance.

Intelligent thinking base by my opinion on thinking anew. Therefore not only on thinking different. Here it is for sure possible that this thinking now is intellectual/instinctive AND intelligent/intuitive, because both are bound inside the spiritual world. Where there is also a connection between instinctive emotional pain and intuitive loving love.

The no-mind of denial thinks, feels and senses based on a bipolar duality of good and bad. By this way of surviving, all suffer becomes steadily repeated and there fore is a suffer-mind.

The no-no-mind thinks, senses and feels a bit different and maybe a bit new. Now there appears by intelligence a new thought, stating:

I do not want to suffer anymore.

That is like a maxim.

Inside the system of survival by the no-mind, those so called aides, relievers are present, which are responsible for suffer relief. These are the doctors, the priests, therapist of all kind etc. This has become a business, where the big money (big personalities) is destining what happens.

Moreover, at some time this no-no-mind comes on the table and sais: I am responsible for my self, whether I suffer or not. However, now the human person has to become a humane human, which searches his path for healing him self. This path now is beyond good and bad and is found beyond punishment and rewarding. Inside this old bipolar duality, now is found the path of singularity and is present inside/by the middle of being humane.

Who does it right, comes to the point.

This is like a maxim.

After my career as a ships engineer and during my work on an electric plant, I started my search by the question: Why must on earth all people suffer in some way?

Any earthly humane suffers until death “releases” this earthly humane human.

This is like a maxim.

This search brought me some answers and indications. One important answer was: I am not a father, not a brother and not a son. When needed, I can play this role, moreover I AM NOT it.

I am human, therefore a humane human.

This is like a maxim.

More insights and signs came into my consciousness, as:

I want to die in health.

I want to experience universal love.

Until today, I am still a bit surprised over this and ask my self often:

From where came these insights and wishes?

Am I the only one, wishing this for himself?

When yes, why?

For sure, this all corresponds with the no-no-mind, not any more accepting the dominancy by the survival mind. Anyway, this was for me an experience of being totally alone.

Therefore my wish for a conversation group, in which the humane human is put in the focused centre.

What is he/she?

On the run of time, this time is running, where I as a humane am a time-oriented story, walking the line. Where a Hi is a greeting, recognising issue for a person, or a humane human. That is why a story became a historical hi-story? Sometimes is a play game with words informative.

Now it is not any more the path the goal, moreover this path has a goal for itself. Measured onto the varieties of minds, I cannot see anything else that this goal is a soul self-fulfilment inside the singular soul mass. Where this soul mass also is watched as universal self and becomes by fulfilment …….timeless.

Therefore now must mindfully all time-experiences become transformed. What now again logically is possible by thinking, sensing and feeling.

Who at some time discovers this must not go on this way anymore, where something new/different has to happen, comes in touch with the no-no-mind. This mind was for a long time unconscious.

The humane human does not want to survive only as a person or personality, moreover wants to live also humanly.

Anyhow, I made it this way and want to invite other humans to do the same. Who wants to talk about it, made in fact very carefully the first step.



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