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Humane conscious yes-mind

Sep 26, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Humane conscious yes-mind.

According these attraction forces, I must state:

Emotional pain attracts emotional pains, in order to raise these emotional pains inside a relationships/gender fight.

Emotional love attracts emotional love, in order to raise this emotional love inside a love-, gender fight. Where in such a fight at the same time also is present a gender harmony.

Feel full love attracts feel full love, in order by a loving oneness the feel full love can tighten itself. Fulfilment is the goal.

Besides, any attraction force has a direction, as how this is inside entire spiritual universe. Because the humane being is by his mind and forms of consciousness a parallel universe, here is also valid hat he/she is adjusted and becomes directed. Here I recognise an institution and an orientation of the attraction forces.

By other words, the attraction force can be oriented in such a way that the humane observer (by his observation) becomes attracted to the inside. By this process appears self-love and self-healing. This happens now with a conscious yes-mind. Projections of all kind move towards the inside.

Moreover, this attraction force can also orient to the outside that the humane observer (by his observation) is drawn/attracted to the outside. By this process self-denial and now a self-hate appears. This happens by the unconscious no-mind. Projections of all kind move towards the outside.

Above this, there is this law of evolution for nourishing, where inside the principle of eating and being eaten the strongest ever wins.

That means also that love energy and healing energy can be nourishment.

Moreover, also, this energy of splitting and hate can be nourishment also!

By the unconscious no-mind, love energy becomes misused and used for all kinds of war. (Who has said ever: Father forgives them, because they do not know what they are doing?)

I say here, they were unconscious.

By the conscious yes-mind, now the fission energy becomes exploited and used for healing, in order that self-love appears. Transformation of the emotional no-pains is now possible.

A conscious breathing process makes the transformation process much easier.

Inside the interpersonal world of humane persons, personalities and of the humane humans appear relationships and opposing-ships. (I was a ships-engineer). Out of this, I discovered in relations to the attraction forces that it is possible to attract each other as partners. It is also possible to experience an attraction for partners as being opponents.

With the yes-mind and the no-mind, now some meetings in relationships happen.

Live and death (Yes-No).

Love and hate (Yes-No).

Health and Illness (Yes-No).

Emotional pains and emotional love (No-Yes).


Emotional love and feel full love. (Yes-Yes).

However, this has hardly anything to do with the no-mind.

This happens all inside a partnership. Here I recognise two kinds.

A partnership by two spiritual/material humane bodies.

A partnership by two spiritual/material realms inside one humane body. Therefore the male- and the female realm.

The impact of the inter-personal relationships and the impact by an internal relationship are aligned and are strengthened. Self-love becomes stronger by an internal humane love and vice versa. This is valid also for self-denial!


I am aware of a spiritual core, a spiritual/material surrounding of this core inside humane beings and a spiritual/material surrounding around an individual humane being. In this surrounding are present these partners as individual human beings.

Practical attraction.

Inside the inner most core, I perceive a perceiver, which perceives a love-mass. This mass of love can tighten itself, by which fulfilment appears. This concerns singular mass.

In this spiritual/material surrounding of the core perceiver, I am aware of the spiritual/material observer. Inside this surrounding, I observe a bipolar love-mass and a bipolar pain-mass. Where love and pain are also present in a bipolar connection.

By this bipolarity, the observer orients himself on a partner bipolarity inside. Where the singular core perceiver and the observer inside one humane human are present as partners.

Between “external” partners

Because the inner core of love is not yet fulfilled, there is present a longing attracting love.

Therefore, two core perceivers attract each other.

Now the surroundings of the observers come closer to each other.

When they come closer, it would be possible that nourishment happens.

Moreover, it is for sure possible also that bipolar pain meet, causing opposing. Now a love relationship becomes hindered or even can stop.

When the loving partners are aware of this phenomenon, now it is possible to speak over these old educated pains, to meditate with each other, in order love can proceed. Here it is needed to experience that these old pains are in fact nourishment.


Anything, where a humane human is longing for is nourishment. Where this nourishment differ to the longing of humane persons and personalities. They need admiration and recognition. The humane human moreover needs love.

The fact it that almost all love is imprisoned. Therefore love must become freed in order the attract love, to receive love and to perceive love.

In fact, only a kind of emptiness can become nourished.

Who is hungry, has an empty stomach.

Not has to be discovered what love nourishment is and where is this empty stomach of love?

I have accepted this love emptiness as a soul emptiness, which emptiness is present on the sub-atomic level inside the humane spiritual/material body.

This internal emptiness is of a pure spiritual nature.

Therefore not a material emptiness.

The spiritual love-self is like a universal soul, which by self-evidence can need any kind of love for becoming fulfilled.

Now I perceive an other kind of mind, namely self-evidence.

This self understands to nourish itself and comprehends how it feels to become fulfilled.

This is also described as perceiving.


Therefore, there is a spiritual/material bipolar love, which is nourishment for singular love.

This by this appearing fulfilment happens like a kind of female transformation. Therefore by receiving and transforming.

Moreover, there is also a spiritual/material emotional genetic pain.

Because I perceive this pain also as nourishment, I must clarify here this. Where I hope, I can manage this. Anyhow, it concern spirituality.

Spiritual energy.

Spiritual universe base on energy, therefore is a spiritual energy. By which is possible singular energy, bipolar energy creating bipolar forms which of are spiritual/material Nature.

Plants, animals and humane beings are forms of this nature, based on this spiritual energy. Where these forms represents forms of consciousness.

These forms appeared by

energetic thinking, energetic sensing and energetic feeling.

Any energy has a direction of motion. Where this energy allows the various intensities and motions, creating e-motions. Emotions are energetic motions.

The energy of love is identical with the energy of pains.

Now both move by the various intensities.

Any energetic Motion has a direction. Love-energy moves in a direction. Pain energy moves in a direction.

When this love energy moves towards the outside, the pain energy moves towards the inside. By this process appear a pain body and an unconscious love aura. This can become reversed by transformation of the pain aura.

By other words,

the emotional pain energy is in fact emotional love energy,

which became directed into the false direction.

Now it is the humane personality and the humane person, which by the observer directs this love energy into the outside. The humane body now becomes “freed” from love. The body becomes love-empty. These persons get ill, because they become pains.

Now it is the humane human, which by his perceiver attracts the love again into the inside and enriches himself by love. He gets healthy and fulfils him self.

Energy is energy,

moreover can become transformed and/or tightened.

(I was an engineer, at sea and inside an electric plant!)


Pain energy is materialised and therefore frozen love energy, which now cannot flow any more.

Who uses this pain energy by bringing it in a flow again, uses this pain, by which the pain transforms in love flowing love. The pain is “misused” now disappearing.

The humane person and humane personality cannot fight each other any more in pain and therefore cannot identify themselves any more with pain. Now they do not know any more what/who they are. This is seemingly very dangerous………

Moreover, who accepts this possibility discovers a being of a humane human.

Who wants examples of this, can get them.

The breathing process and a de-hypnosis impact clarifies.


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