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Human mind

Sep 26, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Humane mind

As said often, the humane human thinks, senses and feels inside spiritual universe. Now he is him-self as a universal organism. He is by his mind and eventual also by his conscious being a partner of universe and present inside universe by being present on earth.

This way I describe it, because I accepted a material/spiritual being as a parallel universe.

Now the laws of electromagnetic impact and the laws of gravitational forces of grave mass are valid.

These spiritual laws have their impact inside a humane human also.

Where I in special watch attraction.

Besides this, these impacts are not separated from each other. ON the contrary, as how all in universe is connected.

That means also that any humane being is a partner, by his mind and/or his consciousness, of all humane beings on earth. Maybe even like partners as aliens, therefore not yet known beings.

This I state, because all in universe is bound to all. The question only is by which distance and in which time are their relationships at work.

In addition, there is this question: By which mind becomes a universal consciousness attained?

I know some minds, which differ.

The no-mind, the no-no-mind, the yes-mind and the conscious mind. They all are of a spiritual/material nature. By these minds, it becomes possible to attain universal consciousness, which is not of a material nature. Where here this spiritual feeling tightens itself in mass, until fulfilment is attained.

Human known time is over.

Instead, any mind reacts/acts by thinking, feeling and sensing. Moreover, this spiritual/material feeling now base on identification and to make it possible taking the belonging decisions or even to enforce them.

This happens inside the spiritual/material embodied bipolar world.

Where this pure spiritual feeling is not any more bipolar, moreover is singular.

Singularity is a sparkling knowing inside a field of graveness and by their forces.

This now is felt light, so not visible light.

For discussion and communication here are present my words concerning these minds.

The no-mind.

Humane persons and personalities are all in competition, what now automatically means to meet the other ones as opponents by a NO. All wars appearing by this now base on any form of a gender fight. It becomes fought between man and woman, between father and mother, between maleness and femaleness or between Yang and Yin. This is a fact inside the world of plants and of animals also. As how it must be accepted inside the principle of evolution.

With the humane persons and personalities, genetic possibilities became developed for organising fights as man-woman, man-man and woman-woman. This is now recognisable also inside the homosexual world.

This all is a process inside the survival system, based on rewarding and punishing.

Here the no-mind became a no-hormonal-mind.

Adrenalin is here the survival no-hormone. Its connection inside the hormonal family base on CH3.

This impact is found also inside the food of humane persons and personalities. Coffee, kinds of tea and much more.

Moreover, I have learned to know a system, which I name as living life in love. (LLL)

Inside this system, an intimacy between humane humans AND inside ONE humane organism becomes possible.

Moreover for this the transforming the impact by breathing and de-hypnosis is needed.

The mind is a collection of individual stories, as like a library. In addition, any one is the librarian and therefore is identified with these stories. Making his story as a history. I would be possible to provide these stories a new face. As f. e. by the no-no-mind.

By other words, the humane human IS a story. For all an emotional one and a story of feeling feelings. For sure the possibility to debate over this is given!


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