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Human consciousness

Sep 26, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Humane consciousness.

Acting as a group leader, I was asked once: What is consciousness?

I immediately answered, so without thinking it over:

Consciousness is a form in motion, where inside this form is a motion also.

After I said this, I was wondering where this sentence came from, because I did not think after it until this question came. I was not on the search after this answer!

Years before, I made an intensive experience, while asking me and others: Who am I?

After ten days, I realised that I amconscious and unconscious.

Thereafter, I could almost relieved walk the line on, because now I new there is something as a sub-consciousness or upper-consciousness of which I was unconscious. Now I could discover of what this sub/upper-consciousness is. I feel somehow “saved”, because I could on investigate myself and keep on questioning.

Now I perceive two institutions-identities-beings, which must be known for discovering what consciousness is.

The observer and the perceiver.

They are partners by entanglement and/or in alignment.

They create and perceive a consciousness, which base either on control or on love.

On Fusion or on Fission.


The observer has a form.

By the observer, his form is in a conscious motion over the globe. The form itself IS this observer, therefore an observing consciousness. Where is also present an unconsciousness.

Observing the motions outside and inside his own body.

Using his sense organs.

The perceiver has a form.

By perceiving of what is true by this moment and now is accepted, the perceiver of truth becomes present. Inside any moment of life, truth evolves itself anew. Where the new is in fact unconscious until the knew is known and became conscious.

For this, he uses his feel organism.

In humane view, this form of the perceiver has a border by the skin of the humane body. In this case, the perceiver perceives a conscious motion inside the form of the observed body Form.

The perceiving consciousness

now is present inside

observing consciousness.

Now he can perceive also the internal observed motions (Emotions), which happen by the sense organs. Which organs are of a spiritual and material nature.

Perceiving is as such a conscious perceiver of the inner world of the observer. Where perceiving and observing are Partners inside a spiritual/material body of the individual humane being.

Along the spiritual/material inner world, I experience and therefore perceive an internal world of pure feeling.

Representing a feeling-consciousness.

Therefore beyond humane matter.

For sure, this internal spiritual world is my concern.

Beyond inside.

I perceive this internal emptiness as a space for the soul-self.

Now I state this space is as a form containing the soul-self.

Where this self is present as a self-consciousness of the soul.

Where this soul is universal and therefore represents universal self-consciousness.

By speaking over the singular soul, I say this consciousness has no waves. Still there is a motion inside. This motion follows bend lines centring into a point. By this motion a process of tightening mass appears.

Where at first this self-mass in not much tightened. By attracting of central love energy into this soul space, its mass grows. This is similar where a gas tightens itself and even can become “liquid”. Where now a kind of surface tension a form of consciousness allows appearing. Maybe like aliens, as unknown new human beings on earth?

Awareness - Consciousness.

Awareness is needed for waking up old consciousness creating now new consciousness.

Awareness is an awakened yes-mind.

Consciousness is a presence by reactive/active spiritual/material thinking, sensing and feeling.

Here I am aware of some kinds of consciousness, where a merging is possible and is even needed.

A consciousness by identifying with/onto emotional pains, now is a pain consciousness.

A consciousness by identifying with/onto emotional love, now is a love consciousness.

A consciousness by identifying with/onto universal love, now is a universal consciousness.

Again, as told in previous articles:

Energies and an attraction force destine of what kind of consciousness is present on earth, inside our galaxy and inside spiritual universe. The process of healing is an involution motion, inside evolution. Where in-volution is a motion going inside and out-volution is a motion going outside, as both are a motion by evolution.

Therefore, I am aware of many forms of consciousness, where I basically scale them in three realisms. The realm of survival by fighting, the realm of living life in love and the realm of being universal.

Inside the realm of survival, I perceive a personal consciousness by being a family member.

Where a consciousness has its impact by rewarding and punishing.

Inside the realm of survival, I perceive a personality consciousness by being at work.

Where a consciousness has its impact by rewarding and punishing.

Inside the realm of living life in love, I perceive a consciousness by being a humane human and living by the moment. Eventual rewarding and punishing is used for finding the right to do.

Where a consciousness appears by love, loving new forms of love.

These forms of consciousness are of a bipolar spiritual/material nature, including a duality by the impact of more or less rewarding and punishing, or more or less self-denial.

The more self-denial becomes transformed into self-love, the appropriate consciousness appears. It is a spiritual evolution of consciousness inside spiritual universe.

Being universal

Now what is the realm of being universal as a spiritual being? Therefore a realm, which is present beyond humane matter!

It is the realm of feeling feelings by the feel organism,

which is present as a pure spiritual realm.

Material sensing is done, is over, because the spirit is not anymore present inside a material body.

Where matter is over, is feeling ever.

Now pain does not matter anymore, because all humane pains became transformed in feeling of universal love. This happens by fusion of bipolar love into singular love. Such a fusion process is sexual, where any form of sexuality has the impact of maleness and females merging, with the outcome of oneness.

This is generally known in a spiritual/material way, as man and woman become one in sex. Where the new/old known humane being becomes conceived. The mother womb is needed, where after a birth on earth is the result.

The remarkable difference is that the man and the woman now are not anymore material, moreover are just of spiritual nature. Where this new spirit of oneness becomes conceived inside a pure spiritual womb. This womb is present inside a spiritual/material woman and for all inside a spiritual/material man.

In plain words, the man can birth his singular spiritual self inside his bipolar self.

The woman can experience this also. Moreover, this is a bit more difficult, because of the known birth of a child into the outside world. The emotional pains by such birth hinder the birth of the singular self-inside.

Moreover, there is a possibility to transform these pains, by which a bipolar woman also can birth a singular spirit.

Of course must a man also transform his emotional pains!

In fact, this is a transformation of any consciousness into universal consciousness.

This is possible by the laws of spiritual universe.

Perceiving is the case.


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