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How to Treat Burns Effectively with Homeopathy

Mar 29, 2018
Myra Morris
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Learning how to treat burns effectively may save your life one day. Or that of a loved one.

First, you need to purchase a homeopathic first aid kit. Next you need to get in some practice of using the medicines in normal, mundane, every day situations, so you get a feel for how they work.

When you have learned how to treat minor ailments with homeopathy, you will know how to treat burns.

You still may need further professional help, depending on the degree and extent of the burn, but if you can get in quickly at the start, if you can initiate homeopathic treatment immediately, then you are likely to do untold good.

The homeopathic medicine Cantharis is so good for dealing with most burns. Specifically it has the symptoms of a burning or a stinging pain which is relieved by being immersing in cold water.

While this is the typical picture of a burn, it isn’t the only one. A different symptom picture needs a different medicine.

In learning how to treat burns, you also need to know how often to dose the patient. For a mild burn that has just occurred, a few doses about 10 — 20 minutes apart will probably be all that is required for a full resolution.

If it occurred some time previous, more doses will be required over a longer time period. Doses will depend on when the pain returns.

For serious burns, the dosing frequency needs to be high. If you can, put one pillule in a glass of water and get the patient to sip this every minute or two.

The first thing that the patient should notice is that the pain reduces significantly or disappears. This will then be the indicator for further doses. When the pain comes back, re-dose.

If no pain relief is felt after several doses, then either it is the wrong medicine or a higher potency is required. If you don’t have access to a higher potency (available on prescription from professional homeopaths), then keep up the frequent dosing.

If no pain relief is felt, then rest assured that you did no harm by the use of the wrong medicine.

Cantharis will stimulate the immune system to prevent:




any complications

Very serious burns that are not immediately treated with an appropriate homeopathic medicine are likely to need professional help.

Past effects of burns, even years ago, can also be very successfully treated with homeopathy. But this needs the skill of a professional homeopath.

Knowing how to treat burns may be as important as knowing how to revive someone. You may save a life.

by Madeleine Innocent For The Sequitur

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