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September 11

How to Sense and Feel Energy

If you are not able to see energy, sense energy, or feel it, this course should help give you the tools to having the ability to interact with energy on a more intimate level.

This will require a lot of work with the third eye and crown to be able to do all three. In Part Two I will go over grounding and cleansing energy, also essential due to the fact that all kinds of energies can interact with your body once you are even more strongly attracting and manipulating it. You will want full control of what energies touch you; grounding and cleansing will give you full control of that.

Step One: Awareness

Hold your hands up in front of you. If you are a beginner, the only thing you are used to feeling is the temperature around your hands. If you are a little more observant, you may begin to sense the blood pulsing in your veins, or the slight air pressure or movement of air over your hands even with no AC or fan on.

This is the hardest step, moving from your "ordinary" senses, and into other realms. Eventually, you will begin to notice new sensations. Be it waves, buzzing, vibration, heat, wind, or wobbling energy around your hands depending on the person and what energy he or she is sensing.

Please be motivated to try and learn this new skill. It is like learning how to listen for a running river in a forest when thirsty. In this scenario, eventually you train your ears to pick up the slightest details and are not distracted by the thirst. For this as well, you are training your body to be more sensitive to energies that are beyond physical sensations.

Be aware of any changes, increases or decreases. Pay strict attention and note everything. This may seem tedious at first but you have to hone yourself to be able to pick it up.

Step Two: Opening Up

You probably hear this a lot, but you have to meditate to begin feeling vibrations that allow you to become more open to less physical energies. This requires working on the 3rd eye chakra as well.

If you hate meditation, you can simply use your 3rd eye to do ordinary tasks. For example, if you want to ask how someone is feeling, try to imagine how they might feel before asking. That is getting information from energy. You can do that with any situation to help you begin sensing. The best way to become  an expert at anything is from practice and repetition.

Here is an Exercise that is short and simple (5 mins):

1. Sit in a relaxing spot where you are able to move your legs. Think about one thing. That would be the area in the center of your head between the eyebrows.

2. Take 15 deep breathes in and out, breathing with your stomach and not your chest. That is inhaling vertically, sucking air in to your stomach so that your diaphragm is pulling downward. Your chest shouldn't be heaving forward. If this takes practice take your time.

4. Focus back on the center of your mind and feel a sliver, a slender crack there that you are trying to force open. Every inhale you take, feel a pressure building there, allow yourself to wedge it open. Every exhale, take a break. Then inhale again and put more pressure. You only have to feel the pressure there, and focus on it. For first timers you'll get a small headache, but that is progress.

5. After you begin feeling a pressure, allow it to turn into a burning sensation. Can be hot or cold, or both. Remember to keep breathing. The wider it opens the more it burns, until you can feel (and imagine) a purple flame dancing there.

6. Simply focusing and thinking about it, sends energy to that area. You are stimulating that center with your thoughts and intent.

7. Focusing on the top of your head, you can still imagine a crack, but you can also imagine a flower, or lotus sitting on your head. Imagine it blooming on your head with every inhale. Unlike the first exercise, you may feel wobbly energy or sensation of a cool fire on the top of your head. You won't feel a headache with this exercise.

8. Please do not continue these exercises for too long especially if you are new. Take them at a slow pace. Stay balanced. You could overload yourself with more intense energy than you are used to. 

Balance is key in everything. With every new wave of energy you introduce, you can expect huge life changes. Depending on you, they can be good or bad. So please take caution when beginning a new direction.   

Hope this article helped you in feeling energy for the first time. Enjoy!

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