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How Can You Introduce CBD to Your Dogs
Oct 22, 2019

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There are suggestions that CBD may be helpful in the treatment of anxiety, as a THC tumor inhibitor and in the treatment of dogs in pain. Cannabis can serve as an alternative treatment to help treat symptoms where the pet is suffering from seizures, cancer, and other conditions.

As a pet owner, here’s what you need to know when introducing CBD to your dogs.

What is CBD?

The marijuana flower contains essential oils in glands. It is from these glands that the perfect formulation for the cannabinoids is possible. There are up to 80 different forms of cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, and Cannabidiol, the medical component, and THC are among them.

If the product contains little or no THC, then there is no need to worry about the dog getting high. A proper dosage would not have any psychoactive effect on the pets. You can get the right quality from reliable vendors and clinics.

The benefits of CBD on dogs

1.CBD and other cannabinoids can be useful in the treatment of cancer symptoms, seizures, anxiety, stress, nausea, back pain, and other health conditions affecting dogs. In full spectrum cbd ,there are many other lesser-known cannabinoids that can have great health benefits and visit the blogs that have information on everything you need to know about full spectrum CBD .The cannabinoids interact with the dog’s central nervous system to regulate pain and other undesirable symptoms.

2.Unlike the traditional medication, CBD does not have any life-threatening side effects when administered in the right dosage. It does not damage the kidney, liver, and other vital organs in the dog’s body.

3.Specific Cannabis strains such as black diamond strain can help increase the appetite of your dog. It can also act as an anti-bacterial medicine for your dogs.

Potential risks of CBD on dogs

Like any other medication, overdosing on CBD has potential risks. The most common among them is your dog getting high through THC toxicity. Depending on overdose, the effects can be long-lasting, taking up to a week.

The symptoms can include lack of appetite and failure to stand correctly. If you suspect an overdose, take the dog to the vet.

Life-threatening risks are not common, and if present, they are mostly from such ingredients like chocolate, raisins, and coffee. Even so, ingesting large amounts of cannabis can be fatal for the dog. Therefore, preventing an overdose is critical when introducing CBD to the dogs.

Talk to your veterinarian about the possible drug interactions before starting on the treatment. In rare cases, CBD can affect the ability of the liver to digest medication.

The introduction of CBD to dogs

While there is no evidence showing any harmful effects of CBD on pets, starting on a low dosage is critical. Cannabis is effective and safe when appropriately dosed. However, there are no medical guidelines on the administration of CBD on pets. It is therefore advisable to start at the lowest dosage and then increase depending on the effects.

To introduce CBD to the dogs, take the following steps:

1.Acquire CBD from a reputable Weed Dispensary

2.Administer a low dosage of about 0.05 mg/kg/day

3. You can use the water syringe to achieve the right dosage

4. If there are no side effects such as excitement, vomiting, and sedation, you can increase the dosage after every few days until you see the desired effects.

Dogs have numerous receptors and a more complex endocannabinoid system compared to humans. As a result, they feel the effects of THC more than humans do, and so the administration should be more even and lighter.

What is the right CBD dosage for a dog?

According to many pet care companies, the right CBD dosage for the dog per 10 pounds of weight is between 0.5 and 5 milligrams. You can increase it consistently after a few days depending on the effects.

It can take between 5 and 7 days to see any positive effects after administration.

Where can I get CBD for my dog?

Obtaining medical marijuana for your dog depends on where you live, and regulations regarding the use of CBD and cannabis in general. In some states like California, pet owners must have a medical marijuana card to purchase CBD and other marijuana products for their dogs.

You can as well get it from the online dispensary conveniently and quickly. Speak to your vet before purchasing medical marijuana for the dog. One should surf the net for pot seeds that ship anywhere in the US or globally. By doing so, they can compare various retailers that offer Hassle-free doorstep delivery of high-quality seeds.

However, if you live in areas where medical marijuana is not available, you can consider marijuana products with a low dosage of THC. The goal is to reduce the symptoms in dogs and make them feel better.


The next time you go shopping for CBD and other pet-friendly marijuana products, don’t shy away from asking about the ingredients, and where the hemp comes from. There’s a lot of conflicting information from various regulatory bodies, and the medical community which can sometimes be confusing. Just make sure the dog is getting the right product and dosage to help with whatever symptoms they have. The best quality hemp-derived CBD does not have intoxicating effects associated with THC.

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