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History of Scarification

Mar 26, 2021
Jody Mills
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Probably you have already heard about scarification. Scarification is now the new way to modify your body that many people equal to tattoos.

Actually, scarification is a procedure, when due to cutting, burning or scratching skin, a person can get images on his skin. In simple words the person gets his skin wounded and due to its healing and extra amount of collagen the wound can be formed in any part of his body.

Scarification is extremely popular among people with darker skin as these scars can be seen perfectly.


Historically, scarification has been practiced in Africa, Australia, Papua New Guinea, South America, Central America, and North America. The first proofs of scarification as a cultural thing were found in Jordan ( dated 8000 B.C.E.).Fertility goddnesses’ statues were covered in scars.

Obviously, artificially made scares had their own spiritual meaning and made people gather in groups according to the same beliefs, spirituality, cultural identity, cultures and social status.

Many years ago scarification were banned by many governments as the cruel way to “mark” a person. However, now it is back but mostly as a new way to modify and “improve” body.

Scarification got back to life in the 20th century by punks and other informal groups. They practiced scarification for the same reasons our ancestors did: to outline their identity and their belonging to a certain race, spiritual flow, religion and opinion group.

There are few types of scarification procedure:



◻️Chemical scarification

◼️Abrasion Scarification

◻️Emphasizing Scars

Cutting is a process of making scares of 1⁄17-inch depth to form the right pattern of a planned image using a sharp instrument such as blade, scalpel and other medical tools.

Skinning is a method to create a scar pattern on a big area of skin. The area where the scar is meant to be is getting cut. Than using a scalpel the skin got lifted and that is who the pattern or symbol appears on your skin.

Chemical scarification is a new method of scarring your skin via burning it with chemicals.

Abrasion scarification is a friction to take away the epidermis layers of pores and skin to create scarring. Power equipment prepared with sandpaper, metallic wool, or grinding stones are most of the contraptions hired to create abrasion scarification. Abrasion scarification also can be completed with guide strain, however energy equipment expedite the process. This technique creates diffused scars, except immoderate strain is carried out with the abrasion scarifier.

Emphasizing Scars is a procedure when the skin get cut again and again to from the right shaped wounds. Sometimes substances such as clay or ink might be injected inside the wounds to prevent the sin from fast healing.

Scarification risks

As with other body modifications there are risks of blood infections and diseases. Sometimes cuts can be too deep so it might seriously influence your health. And of course, it is important to keep in mind that scars will stay with you forever.

Jody Mills
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