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Heavy Rain In Iraq Reveals Lost Babylonian Artifacts
May 4, 2018

Ben Beck
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Ancient clay tablets, pottery, and metal have been discovered after Iraq’s recent storms.

The last few months in Iraq have witnessed exceptionally heavy and prolonged rains that have not just put an end to the drought they had been facing, but also have excitingly discovered ancient and lost Babylonian artifacts.

The Tigris River was formerly reported to be at its lowest level yet in Baghdad, together with many different rivers having dried up entirely in different parts of Iraq, but the much needed rains have averted a significant catastrophe here while also helping to regain precious relics.

Hussein Fleih, that retains the honored position of Babylon’s director of antiquities, has revealed that coins, bits of metal, and pottery utensils have been discovered with the newest storms, according to Asharq Al-Awsat.

While these newest Babylonian finds are awe-inspiring for many, it isn’t unusual for artifacts such as these to be found in Iraq after large rains. Actually, last year 1,000 bits of history were discovered under precisely the very same conditions, as Fleih explained.

“Last year, 1,000 pieces were discovered this way, which proves that the ruins may be close to the surface and not always buried deep in the ground.”

Together with the ancient ruins of Babylon only 55 miles from Baghdad, this region is very rich in regards to history.

Kurdistan 24 reports that the Iraqi Archaeological Protection Police has just declared that 75 Babylonian relics have been recovered from the southern area of Baghdad.

When these artifacts were found in various locations, the great majority of them were stated to have been discovered near where the shrine of the prophet Abraham is situated, according to archaeologist Dr. Zain El Abidine Moussa Jaafar.

“This was the site of Borsippa Kingdom, to which belonged Prophet Abraham, who was born in Nimrud in Babylon.”

In keeping with protocol, the Iraqi Archaeological Protection Police commented that “all the artifacts were handed over to the Department of Antiquities,” for purposes of preservation and investigation.

When it comes to the discovery of historical artifacts in Iraq such as these Babylonian ones, Dr. Jaafar clarified that discovering those things comes about not only through specialists spearheading archaeological expeditions, but also in different ways such as citizens stumbling upon artifacts as well as the retrieval of relics during work on rivers and streets.

The current Babylonian artifacts found in Iraq after heavy rains are now studied and inspected in order to find out which age that they belong to.

Ben Beck

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