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Sep 25, 2023
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The denouement of a heartbreak can be negative or positive. It is a make-or-break period in a man's life because of its suffering and suffocation. Only men love, and love makes a man weak; weakness is akin to suffering.

I maintain that suffering, when endured the right way, leads to wisdom and a sense of peace unilaterally. Any man with his chin to God, an insatiable hunger for knowledge, and who is malnourished in delusion has paid the price.

What is the right way? To me, the right way is framing with God because God is the frame. The beginning and the end, the highest ceiling in the universe. There is no better perspective than the Bird's Eye view, returning to the top to catch it all.

Facing everything head-on, devoid of any vice as a man should. This is a stare into the abyss with absolute moderation because a deep gaze into the abyss makes you the abyss.

Becoming the abyss lies on the other side of the spectrum. Where melancholy creates a paradigm shift in a man's conditioning. Making the byproduct of his suffering bitterness and vengeance. In turn, putting others in place of the piper to pay for the tunes.

The darkness engulfs his whole being, and they seek solace in projecting that pain onto others. His rationality loses the war, making psychopathy the ruler of his livelihood.
In the whims of a heartbreak, where the sharp edges of pain are plunged through a man's heart and the lens of his innocence is shattered.

A man stands at the crossroads, torn between seeking to find true meaning in his suffering and allowing the chaos of never-ending grief to overcome him.

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