He Was Sent By The Holy Spirit Not Holy Cult
Feb 26, 2023

Like Christmas, weekends has their strangling appeal to different people of different age group. Mainly, when young, every day looks like Christmas to you and weekend is like double Christmas. That is if you are from Christmas observing nations.
I am not sure anyone in any class is feeling the pleasure that weekends comes with these days in Nigeria. The level of happiness we continued seeing is commensurate with the level of peace of mind one has and from cases here in Nigeria, I can see it goes with the level of money in your pocket not even the level one is In religion.

No doubt that religion would hold you to more days than those not deep in it but empty mouths to feed and strength I walk around and even pray speaks louder than any other thing.

A man with empty stomach and family to take care of don't remember pleasure and weekend is like a load to him that needs to be offloaded.
That load and weekends that seems to many to be two km not days to get to the offloading destination is what many sees it now in Nigeria. Truly, the entity is not a friendly place to be now. For the past two plus months, it had been a very cumbersome place to identify oneself with. The pockets are empty, banks full, air dusty, weather too hot, too sweaty and people hopeless.

This Friday morning, 24th. One of those morning preachers came with sermon that is soul uplifting and suspicious to me at the same time. But I have accepted the fact that I have a queer mind that see double where many are seeing single. Humans are getting more weird each passing day. They kept disgusting little faith one has in them.

From politicians, to priests, pastors, lawyers, bankers and whoever comes to your mind. If this thing going on in the nation is an examination of some kind, all have failed woefully. According to the preacher, many into evil of every kinds are justifying their actions by the hardship they are subjected to.

To think that the man started by congratulating himself from distance he came from and where the holy spirit directed to go and stand to preach and reasons he was told to come here near my house to preach makes my antennas to go up.

Somethings just doesn’t jell in the man preaching when holistically viewed with matured mind. For sure, he sent here but not by who he claimed sent him. Not holy spirit sent him, his cult group sent him. Spirit he knows but holy one?- Nah.
How did I start believing a man that wanted to be herbalist and which doctor before but what turned him away from it is not Jesus, not Mohammed, not personal change of heart but simple because of the processes and requirements involved. Meaning that minus those processes, he would have been a witch doctor not servant of Christ.
Saul was arrested by Christ on his way to Damascus, many saints arrested in their moment of enjoying who they were but for a man to start seeking for where to land on his own and to first tried Satan before turning to Christ sounds like a man still with Satan to me even though he is carrying Bible and calling Jesus.

 If you claimed that what turned you away from being a native doctor like they like to refer to them here is the animals involved and other dirty things needed for the work not because of who they answer to and who answers to them, Something is wrong somewhere. 

Then it was told of over aged lady he helped in deflowering when he as in the world and now it was not Mermaid that used them in trapping the lady it was lady's fault. Imagine the logic.

Mermaid spirit might be in the lady now but I am sure she doesn’t know that woman before you and your group introduced her(mermaid) to her. Now she did not see a suitor, it her fault not you and your group?

Someone with this kind of logic, is he from Christ?—maybe but to be in safer mood, I will advice you listen to such preachers but take most things with a pinch of salt. His logic is not sound. But that is the situation everything is in Nigeria now. Things and people are not sound anymore.

Many people, from politicians, to priest, to witch doctors to bankers, lawyers, herbalist etc. All are in doubted to one spirit that gave them assignment they want to fulfill by all means or face the music. Contaminators on mission, that is what I call many of them.

To chose the last Friday of the month in the year of the living God and a day to Election Day here to come here and claimed to be sent by holy spirit makes ones antennas to be up. Negative forces also works in mysterious ways too.

Water powers seems to be taking all the credits in all the chaos going on here in every sector in Nigeria. Makes you wants to scream Allies!, Allies!! Allies!!!

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