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Nov 8, 2021
Praharsha Joy
Core Spirit member since Nov 8, 2021
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OLA! this is Praharsha. Yeah I know you are perplexed by the title. Let me elaborate why. one of the many realisations of buddha is that life itself is form of suffering.The rich suffer because of their riches. The poor suffer because of their poverty. people without family suffer because they have no family. People with a family suffer because of their family and it goes on..

we think like you know if I achieve X, then I can be happy. if I look like Y, then I can be happy. If I can be with a person Z, then I can be happy. one should realise that dissatisfaction and unease are inherent parts of human nature. you'll still have difficulties even if you have X,Y and Z

          **you would know light if you'd seen darkness. In simple terms HAPPINESS COMES FROM SOLVING PROBLEMS. 
                          " life is essentially an endless series of problems". **

           Suffering is biologically useful.  It is nature's preferred agent for inspiring change. realising this totally changed my perspective towards negative experiences. I was a quitter If I don't like something I just quit , if there was a problem I try not to think about it or I just kept wining like you know " life is so unfair" or blame it on other's and do nothing about it. The avoidance of suffering is a suffering, the avoidance of struggle is a struggle. When you come across a negative experience through ACCEPTANCE and ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT you will eventually figure it out which is happiness. See as simple as that, I know how big problems can be its not as easy as I say but I learnt running away is never the solution.

              Suffering through your FEARS and ANXIETIES is what allows you to build courage and perseverance. 


CONCLUSION: You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.

                     THE CATCH IS; Live I mean actually live in the present moment irrespective of 

                     Positive or negative moment. There is joy in little things only it's just that you don't 

                     notice cause your too busy for the little. Next time when it rains instead of telling

                     yourself UGH! its raining duh!  tell yourself WOW! It's raining!! its a minute 

                     change in the vocabulary but It makes a big difference in how you feel.
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