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God Is Not Religious
Mar 29, 2018

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Realizing that this subject may offend some people, please let’s explore this topic in greater depth for clarity and understanding. Mankind seems to need to put a face on God – no matter the religion or belief system. We seem to need to humanize everything around us, yet putting a face on God is impossible as he does not have one. Now please do not misunderstand me, I believe strongly that people need to have strong faith and a connection to God, regardless of their religion or faith; however, God is not siding with or sanctioning any one religion over another. Yet wars and great divides continue over whose religion is the right one sanctioned by God. This is how it has gone since the beginning of recorded history.

People are willing to kill and die for their concept of God, defending the idea as to how we are to respect, love and fear him. Which brings me to another thought: is God a “him” at all? I have heard some spiritual groups use the term, “Mother” or “Father God.” This is a bit difficult for our human mind to grasp as to whom or what God may be. The best description of God that I have heard to date is this: the supernatural, omnipotent being. Some of the other names used to describe him are: The Creator, Adonai, YHVH, Elohim, Yahweh, Jehovah, Abba/Father, Lord, I AM, and of course, God.

Truly, there are thousands of ways to describe or name our Creator, but none of them can speak to his intent as to whom or what is the right way to address him. For God is not a man, even though he created us in his own image; so now, what does that mean? Because he is not of human form, we are left with the fact that we have an energy that makes up our soul. We can see it, this energy is known as the Aura which not only surrounds humans, but also every living thing on Earth. So God created all that lives, in his own image!

Part of our being on Earth and going through the lessons of living is to remember who we truly are. We are all the sons and daughters of Abba, God our Creator. Sometimes I feel like we live in a bad middle school full of bullies, as we are trying to just get through to the next level, hopefully not getting beaten up or even drop out (die before our time). When we allow negative, angry or hateful thoughts take us over, we lose the connection to the higher self and the God consciousness.

It is so hard to keep faith in God’s love with so many painful and difficult experiences happening in this world. We must stay focused and continue evolving our soul through the darkness of negative thought and into the light of knowledge and love. That is why many people have to reincarnate many times, until they get over their fears.

Remember, when Jesus came into this world he had the ability to remember who he was. He knew he was God’s perfect son; however, we are all God’s children. Jesus was brought into this world without a veil between him and the father (Abba). It is the difference of being in this world with blinders on vs. having perfect 20⁄20 vision – with x-ray vision to boot!

When Jesus came into this life, he knew he would be limited in his teachings if he joined a religious group or became a Rabbi. Religion or faith of any denomination has rules and limitations in its doctrine. Jesus wanted to help people connect to their higher self and to God; when we understand this we will truly learn what Jesus came to teach us.

You have total power to communicate with the universal mind – the all-knowing pure love and omnipotent energy we call, God. You are part of this energy as much as each drop of water in the ocean is connected, yet individual within the whole. You do not need a religious order to achieve this connection. Personally, I love being involved with Church because it is a beautiful place (with some exceptions) to reinforce faith and to seek answers that others may have already learned. Learn to meditate and pray but most importantly, believe and trust in what you hear and feel from God.

by Wendy Powers Nugent For Body Mind Spirit Guide

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