Genius of Humanity | Core Spirit
October 23

Genius of Humanity

The genius is in the resolution,

That follows closely with the dissolution.

Reflecting deeply at the sky,

Looking beyond and asking  why.

Why does it seem so foreign to be who I am?

Am I the lion or am I the lamb?

Or am I both depending on the moment and what it requires?

Am I the honest one in a room full of  liars?

Why didn’t school or politics work for  me?

Because it ostracized the individual and demanded conformity.

They claimed to be teaching but they were taking away,

They fed us absurdities and told us what to think and  say.

Taught to memorize but not to understand,

Taught to label and to  brand.

To crave power, divide, and  hate,

To belittle and  berate,

They control the mass fate.

They built our world on suffering and humility,

They hide their silent and unseen hostility.

I warn you not to betray yourself,

It will devastate your mental  health.

Don’t give away your power and  soul,

Don’t let someone else have  control.

You deserve to live a life you  love,

It should feel like a gift from  above.

I warn you to find your own unique  path,

Success and happiness is the aftermath.

You have a true self that you can turn inward and  see,

Your very own form of authenticity.

When you find it you will be  free.

From that place you begin to  grow,

From the depth you find the inner  know.

You don’t need any outside authority,

You know your life is your responsibility.

You can survive the deepest humility.

You can let go of hostility.

We are all dying but I hope you first learned how to  live,

We are all receiving but I hope you first learned how to  give.

I do not accept the social  role,

It is my life and I will take  control.

It is my cup and I will decide when it’s  full.

Written By:

Angel Vaughan