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September 26

Frequently Asked Questions + Working with Gogo — Sacred Liberation Healing Arts

Greetings loves! I try my best to be attentive to every email, request, and question sent in my direction whether virtual or in person, yet I am not always able to answer in a timely manner. There are a number of questions that I would like to share here for those interested in working with me or doing research related to spirituality & ancestral work.


I would love to learn more! What books or resources can you recommend?

The greatest teachings I have received have been through an apprenticeship-style of learning, living in community, attending ceremonies, and channeled information directly from the ancestral realms. I am not the best resource for a book list, especially on African spirituality. It is always wise to find a temple or priest to be able to refer to experienced information. I went through a phase where I knew a lot but still felt disconnected, so I shifted my focus to ritual, healing, and ceremony. Nonetheless, I do refer folks to these books:

Healing Wisdom of Africa by Malidoma Patrice Somé

Of Water and Spirit by Maildoma Somé

Opening to Spirit by Caroline Shola Arewa

Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa by Tobe Melora Correal

The Bushman Way of Tracking God by Bradford Keeney

What do I need to prepare for a divination/reading?

Once booked, simply show up with a notebook and pen. I recommend that you come with an open mind and heart. Your belief and mindset impacts how life responds to you...

It can be very helpful to go to your spiritual guides, the divine, or your higher self in the form of prayer or meditation to ask your questions or requests beforehand. Ask your intuition and guides first before asking or doing anything in life. That opens the way for them to respond in a number of different ways more powerfully. Last, you can come open to listen or prepare questions to ask as well.

How often should I get a divination/reading?

I recommend seeking guidance at least once a year or at the change of each season if you are on a spiritual path of any kind. As well as major issues come up in your life. My readings shed light on many topics. One reading can be implemented in a few months time. I choose not to work as a psychic hot-line nor suggest that you overdo it with readings because this takes you out of your seat of power or creates an unhealthy dependency. Readings are a way of getting confirmation about what you already know (consciously or subconsciously) and a way of revealing what you are sensing but cannot fully see. Healing sessions, counseling, or mentorship maybe a better addition for support and learning how to care for your spirit.

What is working with you like?

I try to share as much detail on my site about what this work is like. However, there is an aspect of this work that is very mysterious or magical because spirit is energy and we don't always see nor are given all the details ahead of time. This work invites you to surrender and let go of what you think you know. Every session or reading is different because each individual is different. Even at my retreats where a number of people come to experience the same activities, rituals, and ceremonies, each has significantly different results yet it is always transformative!

With that being said, though I have set times for sessions, they do tend to vary as I am guided by the spirit and your questions. There are services that are not listed on my site that I only offer when guided to.

If I don't know the answer to your question, I will clearly and honestly state so.

If there is a healing method, path, or alternative that I can not offer you, I will humbly refer you to another resource or healer who can assist. I'm not interested in holding anyone back from what their spirits are calling for.

All sessions and personal info are held as confidential.

I encourage those interested in working with me to always be in a state of truth, speak up when something does not resonate, share freely and respectfully as we work together with the ancient elders I walk with.

I am experiencing ____ please help or what can I do?! or What does ______ mean???

Often times these kinds of requests can go one of 2 ways. 1. You can do your own research. 2. If you want to tap into the research, skills, and resources I've invested time and energy into, book a session. It's important to make the investment in yourself, see the value in the energy being exchanged, and get real help. I offer many ways to teach/share that allows you to learn and allows the energy exchanged to be balanced.

I also say this from a place of... this is the whole point of divination. You have probably done some research, tried some things out, but you are still unclear, or things aren't changing the way you would like, or you're having too many WHY ME?! moments in your life. That is no longer general information that I can write or blog you are asking about your soul's story, the energies behind your experience, and answers specific to you! That kind of answer you want from spirit, hence why a medium/spiritualist/healer can assist.

At times I feel most conversations lead need a reading and it's not what some want to hear. Love, it don't have to be with me but do what you must to take care of yourself. Don't let your problems or traumas linger for years and years and years.

Where are you located?

I am currently based in Southern California, United States. I am here most of the year. Alternatively, I am in Maryland and travel the world a few times a year. The best way to stay up to date with my whereabouts is via my email newsletter list. The best way to see me in your city is to reach out!… invitations/collaborations are always welcome via the contact page.

How can I support you?

I wish I heard this more. Most healers and practitioners go through periods of times where the influx of questions and cries for help are constant and even moments where our hard efforts are not recognized or overlooked. There is so much that I do to give 100% to you behind the scenes. It would be so lovely to read before a question or request, "how are you Gogo?", "do you need anything?", etc. I know this tech/modern age is becoming the norm but let us continue to treat each other like we are still human and not machines. The community is just an important as the healer, each has a role or gift to bring to the table. I am so grateful for the love and support that is shown towards this temple work!


I will be adding to this list as we grow. Feel free to add some questions you think I might have missed in the comments below!