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Being in Balance

Oct 22, 2020
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We are living in unprecedented times the fear factor is tangible wherever you look, the consensus is fear is caused by something, catching Covid, family catching it, fear of the future etc. It’s not the fear of things that causes fear, fear is an inside job!

We have approximately 360 thoughts whirling through our minds every minute, it’s how we assimilate these thoughts that

can enable us to have a calm, relaxed and positive day or a day filled with fear and anxiety.If you can choose the thoughts you want and need and only those your day can be so much more enjoyable.

Everything starts with a thought

Thoughts become self talk

Self talk has emotion

Emotions have a response

What are your responses to your thoughts?

Fight/flight or relaxation

Many find this difficult as the negative thoughts become their reality and they find it hard to change their thoughts.

Using The Balance Procedure daily is we believe the most successful way of transforming your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

We use a set of symbols placed on our heart centre to check if we are moving toward what it is we want and need, we find our body reacts by moving forward if we are progressing towards our wants and needs, if we are being influenced by negativity our bodies will tell us by moving us backward, left or right or keep us standing still.

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