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Father - son. The mother is involved.
Sep 28, 2019

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Father - Son

The mother is involved…

Our universal concept base on nourishment and transformation. This happens as usual by a spiritual view and impact, which is made possible by the spiritual energy of thinking, sensing and feeling. By other words: fertilising and birthing.

Fertilising and birthing.

Concerning this birthing of a new humane being, there is a remarkable fact. This female being, therefore the woman, is for some time a home for a male and/or female being. After some months, this being leaves this home inside its own home and walks the line……..

By other words, both man and woman were present INSIDE a mother. Now both have survived both inside the internal world of the mother. Now both know in some way the internal world of a mother. I say in some way, because this knowing is more or less unconscious.

This is in special important for the son, which now has learned the inner world of his mother.

Logically is this also valid for the daughter.

Moreover, what about the son and the daughter concerning the internal world of the father?

Which one of both was inside the internal world of a father?

I accepted that this female beings have more problems to comprehend the internal world of a male being as that a male being this female being comprehends.

Therefore, it is so that inside a man this internal woman is an unconscious being.

That inside a woman this internal man is an unconscious being.

Therefore, it is important to discover of what quality is this internal man and woman inside a humane human.

Inside one humane human, male or female, can this unconscious maleness and femaleness now become conscious, by awareness. This unconsciousness can evolve into a humane consciousness, where the spirit becomes singular.

In order to achieve this, any gender fight has to become transformed into a gender harmony.

The result now would be an eternal silence in total harmony.

Emancipation must become destined anew.

I focus the internal world of a humane human totally. This internal world is of a spiritual/material nature. Where matter is hold together by bipolar instincts. In addition, where singularity as such correlates to as singular intuitive knowing. This knowing is intelligent.

In spite, now at first:

Father - Son

Mothers, never mind how big or small are very much involved.

Two examples.

I as son and I as father.

As son.

I cam back home inside my family after the first or second journey at see. Such a journey took some months. There lived my sibling, my mother and my father. By an origin, there appeared a “cock fight” between my father and me. I experienced my self such a strong power, sensing I could defeat him. I looked around also and saw how the faces of my sisters showed much fear and panic. I decided to stop fighting and let my father win. My father said: do you see how much power I still have!

I became aware that my sibling still does need a father. At that moment there were four sisters present, which later on should become a mother.

Many years later, I had to recognise how much a problematic relationship of mothers, women, young woman and girls with their father inside survival could make a very difficult life. A missing spiritual intimacy at the beginning of their female life sickens female humans, which logically concerns the experienced different intensities.

By breathing work and de-hypnosis, this can become repaired, reorganised, reconnected, revealed and for all healed by self-love.

As father.

At some time, I wanted to discover why people on earth must suffer that much. Here I discovered that I am NOT the product of my education.

I am something else.

Therefore, I am not a father, a son and not a brother. Although I can play such roles, when there is a need. This I had to clarify my son, which woke up an unbelievable emotional pain inside of my being. This was the price I had to pay, because I wanted to discover of what now in fact a humane human is. Later I discovered that these pains were very old and I in fact do not know how old they really are. Because I experienced these pains and accepted them, I could transform them into my humane love energy.

Therefore: What is the humane human? What is the universal quality?

As usual, a missing intimacy between partners like, man, woman, children lead to emotional pains and the belonging illnesses.

Because I discovered by my being a humane human that the human can step into a process of self-healing, I became more and more aware of what a humane human in fact is or even of what he could be….

Where the mother and the father birth a new soul on earth, now the humane human turns around this procedure. He births him/her-self towards the inside. Where now the male human has a kind of universal womb inside of his material body, as also the female human has.

In a self-healing process it is needed to accept old material bodily pains, to use them (not fight them) and to experience them as love energy for the humane soul.

By this process, a fulfilling of the soul appears where the soul becomes more and more the soul-self.

Because the mother is present in many pains, birthing a new soul on earth, she has a bit more difficulties as the father inside this transformation process.

The involution of a humane being can allow it more and more to attain a universal consciousness. This now is a question of time………


Tears of anger

provoking hate on hate.

Where is god?

Where is now?

Fighting for love,

creating love to love

Where is god?

Where is now?

Tears are flowing the flow

and I know how.

Is this god?

Is this now?

It is me somehow.

I learned what is hate.

Where is god?

Where is now?

Hate dying in love.

Hate never above.

It is me.

It is my life.

Don`t care about god.

It is now.

It is know how.

Dying alive, born forever.


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