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Father - Mother. The child is nearby.

Sep 28, 2019
Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Father - Mother

The child is nearby

A father is a father only, when there is a child also.

A mother is a mother only, when there is a child also.

When there is a child, mother and father came together and were intimate.

The father was inside of the mother.

Moreover, was the mother also inside of the father?

The answer on this question is a spiritual affair.

As usual, I experience and describe my experiences involved by spiritual thinking, sensing and feeling. This in fact is like body/sensing, mind/thinking and soul/feeling. Where in all situations an impact of knowing becomes achieved. Therefore a mind-body-knowing, a sensing-body-knowing and a feeling-body knowing. Where I this also can interpret as a consciousness, which can be of a spiritual/material nature, moreover also can be of a pure spiritual nature or IS.

The question for how the mother can enter the father, I should or can answer as follows by an experience. During my group activity, it happens often that a woman laid her body between my legs, while sitting on the ground. Now she moved herself with her head into the direction of my earth chakra. I became the impression, she wanted into my spiritual being. In material view, this was not possible!

Therefore, I had to discover for the mother to find an other explanation, in order that a child becomes born on earth.

In some way, it concerns the member, membering and the remembering. As a member both are, the father and the mother involved to realise the third member.

This special member of the father is known very well, though named different. This is the spiritual/material penis as a channel where through the father semen can enter the mother egg.

Moreover, he has also a love-member by which he adjusts and involves himself. Where I perceive this spiritual love member inside the spiritual heart, present inside the centre of the chest. Such a spiritual love-member has the mother also, by which she is involved with the father.

By this vision, a heart child of spiritual could become conceived. Moreover, by this adjustment an inner soul becomes conceived, which is conceived inside and is born inside also.

This is realising internal life.

However, inside survival this spiritual love is not perceived. The conception inside survival is of instinctive nature. Therefore are here the instinctive members and member partners in focus. Where by instinctive sex also appear an instinctive conception and an instinctive birth.

Now the mother also must have an instinctive attitude to the father and vice versa. I can accept such an instinctive adjustment as an emotional instinctive umbilical cord between the father and the mother. There is spoken over the mother instinct and the father instinct!

Where the child now is born as an instinctive being by an instinctive umbilical cord.

For me here appears a question. By which place is this instinctive umbilical cord from Mother toward the father, localised inside the mother?

It is easy to localise for me this ….intuition.

Inside the middle of spiritual/material body chest is the intuitive spiritual heart present.

I recognise male and female instincts, where both are bound also inside a duality of good and bad instincts. Because this good or bad is decided by a capability inside the brain, now in any case must this brain be accepted as the origin impact of good and bad.

In some way, I comprehended that the big brain is split by male and female instincts. Here also the small brain has its impact by intensities of good and bad.

In other words, inside survival all children are conceived and born by the head,

based on head love and a head relationship.

Mostly at first is thought over becoming a child!

Yes, it is possible to think in love! Although this is now survival love.

In spite of this, head conceptions take place often in such a way; they were not directed by “true” love. They are now more or less mixed by thought full instinctive encroachments.

Here now I perceive a question: Why is this so? Why is there so much violence on earth?


Any so-called encroachment is involved by a quality of mastery. Therefore a father- and/or a mother mastery. By this view, humane history contains this patriarchy and matriarchy. Both are genetically stored inside the humane humanity. I think that this genetic coining is also transferred by the plants and animals into the humane humanity.

Therefore destines an instinctive impact of mastery out of the past the birthing in this moment.

Inside this matriarchy, the mother is in mastery.

Inside this patriarchy, the father is in mastery.

Inside both archeries, there were present extreme gender fights, causing emotional pains.

An archae is a spiritual/material smallest being without a core. They still multiplied themselves without a core!??? Where I describe this core inside the humane body as the universal intuitive soul heart.

Inside observing physics, the smallest particles are known without a mass, as f. e. the Higgsboson. Moreover, I perceive that around these particles, so any organism!, (Achaean) is present an aura

The father, mother, child and all other humane persons have an aura. In such an aura are present smallest particles reunited, where inside this reunited form is present a soul mass, with a skin of electromagnetic matter. That is named by me as emotional pains, where inside love energy is present.

Inside this aura are present soul particles by a soul mass.

These masses are also found inside the quarks by observing science. Observing scientist named this in such a way pointing to such a mass. Moreover, in fact they do not know of what kind of mass this is!! (Could this be dark energy of the soul mass?)

Once more, the particles themselves are matter, moreover not massive. The mass is present inside an aura. Now the organism is matter with an aura of masses.

Out of patriarchy and matriarchy evolved a being with an aura, in which evolved a soul mass. It is a mass of sensing and feeling, where sensing is instinctive and feeling is intuitive, with their impacts.

Inside coreless forms, appeared a form with an inner core of feeling by a soul. This happened inside humane beings.

This way it is for me obvious how still mindful instinctive violation is present

by the conception of a new humane being inside the world

of animals and the world of humane beings.

It is the evolution where an involution of the soul is ahead.

Therefore is spiritual evolution inside spiritual universe not yet finished, because the involution has to have an impact and must have its effects.

Inside science now is spoken over an evolutional expansion and at the same time of a motion towards the inside, by the means of black holes. Observing science thinks in splitting and perceiving science orients itself onto healing. Therefore, I say that this so-called expansion does not split, moreover is in tune with the impact of black holes.

Inside the meditative world is known a kundalini effect by the spine as an active tool for healing human persons.

Where I moreover discovered a second kunfalini effect. This happens inside the middle of a human moment.

These effects are aligned and act together in healing the spiritual being.

Therefore, I say that out of the male instinct und the female instinct appears a singular intuition, evolving itself into an internal space. Both instincts involve and are related partner, where now conceiving intuition inside.

Now, out of survival by mastery appears a life by living in love.

Moreover, the humane human is involved in this impact.

Now it is possible to say: this is a very broad explanation! Than I say: that is correct. Because is long ago that our universe started to evolve itself by a fusion between origin stuff.

They became named as + sub-atomic and - atomic hydrogen.

By fusion helium appears.

This helium is present ever on the surface of a spiritual organism, providing a spiritual skin and/or a spiritual/material skin.

Also inside humane humans and therefore also inside his atoms.

It is a bit strange; moreover, the thought that helium can provide a spiritual skin of a universal organism is for me exciting.

Besides, I do think such a thing and that seems to be possible to think. Therefore, it would be allowed in spiritual view.

Otherwise, I could not think, sense and feel this.


In the conception of a new human being on earth is ever involved by some quality of mastery and suffer. This is found inside religions also; where f. e. inside Christianity is present the commandment: Respect your parents,

There is no commandment as: Respect your children and for sure not a commandment as: love your children.

Therefore, these archaic pains become transferred by the conception.

An archaic origin pain is a not yet healed origin split, which healing can become achieved inside the water area of a humane human body.

By reincarnation of these pains, it is possible to heal these pains later on. This is valid for all individual humane humans and therefore for humanity also. Even when this humanity contains by more than 7 billion humane humans on earth.

The humane human exist by almost 100% hydrogen, as the original stuff. Hydrogen is that element, which can connect, relate and bind almost all other stuff. Where now the periodic table (Time) could become arranged.

Inside the body, there is a content of 70% of water, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Therefore, a fusion related with helium can proceed on. This now is the pre-condition that the father, the mother and the child can evolve themselves more and more out if this archaic instinctive Mastery and can become involved in love.

Once heard from a master:

First after the humane being is born without pains, there will be peace on earth.

I now say: first after humane beings love themselves, there will be peace on earth. Moreover, this will be an other peace as on the graveyard, where is written: Rest in peace. No, I now say: living in peace.

Birth towards the outside, therefore out of the womb on earth, is known. By the Billions.

Here must be watched that normally the child comes out of the womb by the head at first.

Therefore with the head downward to the earth.

Inside mythology, there is a notion as the hanged man.

Which is bound by the feet and headed to the earth.

The pointing is seemingly that the humane being should erect.

However, this old birth practise is in some way ever involved with emotional pains, where the mother instinct and the father instinct have their archaic impact.

The instinctive birth must be brought in involvement of emotional pains, which at last do guaranty that the humane being dies at some time.

This child is the third instance, organism of instinctive pains.

Moreover, I found a possibility for transforming these instinctive pains, by which a birth is striven towards the inside and towards above.

The spiritual impact here is, thinking, sensing, feeling, breathing by de-hypnosis.

At some time, many years ago, I went on the search for an alternative form of survival. I wanted to find universal love.

Why I was initiated for this, and by which universal instance this was possible, is not totally known by me. Moreover, I have my assumptions.

In spite.

Working out….

It concerns the notion of a guinea pig.

Here is a description of my experience at being 10 years old.

I had to become operated for my tonsils, where I had no notion, because no one told me about it. At least, I cannot remember this.

My mother handed me over, without any word, onto two doctors. I became hold between the two legs of a doctor, which made me by his arms stock-still. I tried to free me by a short time. Moreover, I experienced the senselessness of it and stopped fighting. The second doctor said: We can for sure try to deafen him by this gas. I heard it, and I can remember my thoughts of that moment.

I thought:

Seemingly it could be dangerous and therefore deathly, was has been done to me.

After this, my lights went out, where I became unconscious and put in coma. Because I had similar experiences (not coma!) in my life by some kind of cutting, I now think that this is the cause for my search for eternal life. I walked this line…..

Still this question stays present: Why I had to experience this all?

I was not thrilled by it.

However, now I realise a spiritual thrill in the search for universal truth, for universal love or for free energy.

Guinea pig.

As far I experienced, all children are for their parents more or less guinea pigs. This is so, because all parents are more or less consciously during education, where they inside any form of gender fight their children “hoist”. Anyhow, this led with me to become put in coma for a bagatelle.

This way, I can clarify this afterwards: My mother had in her bitterness concerning her fathers death hardly spoken with me, where I hardly said something. Not there was thought, I had something with my tonsils……

Free energy.

Now I can state that free energy is free because the humane being can NOT manipulate it. Reversed it is for sure possible that this free energy is mastering a humane being, when he is ready for it. This free energy has the impact on and inside humane beings in order to become all-one with this energy.

Because I did experience and still do, by and by it became clear to me how this energy functions and what the goal is. By falling into the soil, I become the soil.

The goal.

My basic answer is: He/she must, as a humane human, go into the inside, birth him/her-self inside the internal world of his/hers individual body.

Therefore, he/she must utilise fully these emotional pains and become born with his head upright. In order this becomes possible, he/she needs partners on the path into soul full love and free energy. For me are humane beings partners, because they all exist as an amount of spiritual particles and/or of spiritual/material particles.

Now I am also a partner of spiritual universe, which is build up by particles. Here are particles by waves and particles by lines present.

Often it is useful, such an amount of particles to give them a name.

The origin.

The origin of all emotional pains now lies in the original split. At some time, there was seemingly a spiritual universal unit torn apart in such a way that only smallest particles were present. This would now be the spiritual big bang and I have accepted this way. The question is, whether in real an explosion happened or is it so that a universal spiritual soul became torn apart? I take care of the vision by attraction, because I perceive anything by an attractive relationship. (General relativity?)

Now must any humane human take the pullback towards the inside, where he/she includes the soul self.

Searching for yes

I say yes.

I say no.

Silence inside enclosed

hearing the no

inside the big brain.

This empty no

is nourished in vain.

I say yes

in the time train.

My voice of trust

has no sound.

Shouting no is all around

inside the big brain.

My silent search for yes.

I say no.

Who feels yes?

Who am I without sound?

My voice of love

saying yes with no sound.

How can I sing

my soundless sound?

How can I find

my soundless sound?

Yes for ever

is never heard.

The battle of sound and silence

lost in crying no …….out loud.

Wins the sound of silence

by yes of seeing.

Coming out of the core of being.

Yes is no echo all around.

Reflecting this old no.

Sucked inside

I meet my bride

merging in yes

in eternal tide.

It is a feeling

in the silence of yes

by the smiling flow of truth.

No has lost its sound.

Now it is yes.





is a bunch of particles



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