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Father - Daughter. The mother is involved.

Sep 28, 2019
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Father - Daughter

The mother is involved…

A mother - son relationship can be very intensive, as well in love as by mastery, where f. e. can appear an ongoing dependence on the mother. Even, when the child is 60 years of age, there is EVER present the mother, which now is 85 years old. Logically this is valid also with the father. Why is this so?

Such a dependency can depress a common man-woman relationship very much. Moreover the brisance effect of a father - daughter relationship has a more impressive impact inside life of the “grown ups.”

Here appear spiritual pains, which hinder a birth towards the inside, therefore into the internal world of a humane human, where they can be heavy.

When there are overruling experiences of any kind, not it is for the grown up woman a bit more difficult for becoming one-self as for the man.

Any emotional pain is of a spiritual nature, where any action or reaction base on the possibility of spiritual thinking, spiritual sensing and spiritual feeling. These spiritual pains are experienced by any intensity on the humane material level.

When these bipolar spiritual pains should become transformed, and that should be so, in this case it is not effective to concur with these individual pains.

No, on the contrary, any humane being has its individual path for work out these old pains. for transforming them and with/inside their love energy, become one in oneness.

When there should be a goal to go for on earth, now this is for the only sense there is.

It is for me senseless to destroy each other.

Therefore, I could specify some possible individual pains, which has been developed inside the relationship of father and daughter. Where I here focus on the daughter. Finally, daughters become mothers, which births son for becoming father.

Where it also becomes clear how these old known pains out of a long past time are transferred genetically. The womb is here in the centre of focus.

The DNA base on two genetic waves, which are connected by more or less numbers of lines. These connections are as lines inside a wave like relationship, where here are closed or open. I perceive these waves as a wave by maleness and a wave by femaleness. As here between father and daughter.

Wave base on the impact of projections of light.

Where by attraction onto a wave, a line appears.

Waves are bipolar and a line is singular, where this line can be a bend line.

These mentioned spiritual pains now are genetic waves of embodied information. Where oxygen plays a decisive role. Now how represents itself the relationship between father and daughter and by which pains?

At first here an example by my origin family on earth.

I experienced how my father in the midst of his colleagues says following concerning his daughters:

“Often I get the feeling to be intimate with them and to embrace them, moreover I do it not”.

I was astonished to hear him saying this, because he said this inside our living room amongst his colleagues visiting us. He and they were active inside the army. I perceived this as a very courageous statement, to state this. Moreover, first after many years, I comprehended of what kind of impact his adjustment has had on my sisters.

Later as a grandfather, he could do this with his grandchildren. In some way they were now of equal value. Where I understood that he now nothing had to loose and where he had to loose his mastery with this own children.

Anyhow, the longing for intimacy with his daughters was present. I perceived this as logical, because finally they appeared also out of his semen. By spiritual view, I perceive this as a spiritual bound between maleness and femaleness. By this bound, it is possible by a fusion process to become one in oneness. Where I search for inside the individual spiritual being and find.

The eventual assaults by both sides inside this spiritual relationship between father and daughter lead now to the known emotional pains. Which are experienced while suffering. However, a love harmony would be possible also. Where love happens by equal value. Self-love creates self-value as dignity of the soul. Where I have my opinion that in fact all humane humans are searching for this.

By experience, therefore working with partners much became clear to me. Now I could male a kind of scale for the different intensities, which are present by the various traumas.

One woman made me cleat that she became pregnant during her menstruation. Later on, it became clear also that her husband in fact was a homosexual at that time.

Could it be that all such experiences come from a lack on spiritual love in the womb and childhood? At least genetic transfer that such a phenomenon is possible.

I also noticed how a woman became conceived, where after the father direct went into war and never came back.

This example gives me the possibility to clarify the problems for birthing her-self inside.

The situation now is:

The child is inside the mother, where the father never has been present.

This spiritual split is stored inside spiritual mind of this child!

Normally, the child hears inside the womb whether the father is present and how he is present.

Is he present in love or in mastery and suffer?

Hearing is seemingly very important inside spirituality of thinking, sensing (hearing) and feeling.

This is so, because the capacity of hearing is the last organism what disappears while dying of the material body. Really disappearing does not happen, because by a reincarnation it becomes incarnated again. Besides this, it is also known that by dementia this capacity of hearing does not disappear.

When the child the voice of her father does not notice, this child cannot notice also her internal male voice. That means the female power of the soul is not present. Instead of this, the motherly action power comes in focus, because the child is inside the mother until birth. Where of course the mother stays in mastery and the father is present as non-mastery.

This is a huge violent tilt of “mastery”!

Here appear humane persons and human personalities. The search for the true humane human and his/her qualities becomes much handicapped. Moreover, there are possibilities to repair this imbalance.

Who walks the line for searching and finding spiritual truth of thinking, sensing and feeling, will discover how much emotional pains does hinder that the love of the soul becomes discovered and be live also.

I just have to look around me, where I can discover how much humane violence and how less humane love is present on earth.

Why this is so? I have accepted that the evolution of humane kind is still in ones infancy…

Therefore again:

What is the humane human and how does he gets born?

I became aware that in any individual humane human is present an inner maleness and inner femaleness. Both can be in a more or less tilt, where maleness can be the master or female can be the master and vice versa.

When these two spiritual organisms come in tune or aligned, it becomes possible that the split humane human becomes him-self in his oneness.

When these two spiritual Organisms are not aligned, humane persons and humane personalities appear.

Now it becomes necessary for the quality of humanity, to discover the male and female quality of thinking, sensing and feeling and when needed to evolve this trinity by the processes of fusion.

Deadly alive

It is not my song

singing it, all goes wrong.

I have to sing.

I have to sing.

Years of repetition

singing, it all goes wrong.

I have to sing.

I have to sing.

Feeling the power of dying,

by this painful song.

I want not sing this song of despair

I will swallow this song of tomorrow






no separation

no salvation



The power of love

Love loving love loving above all,

kills this song of wrong



all day long




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