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#fate line

Jul 8, 2021
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in palmistry fate line play a major role in determining the whole deviation of the carrier of someone life.
fate line has different value and impact on someone life accordingly it's existence.
√in the following, I am trying to teach you two major features and two different types of fate lines.
1)if the fate line originates from the centre of the wrist and the travel throughout the palm toward any mount present on the palm, it's a great sign to have. a person having such type of fate line succeed in his/her whole life without any struggles or disturbance. it's simple to mean a smooth and steady journey of life exist.
2)But if the fate line has some breaks and any cut that lead to failure in the carrier and show struggle during any job. To overcome this person should have to focus on his behaviour and try to stay away from any argument during a business and job.

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