Facts About Doing Your Best And Trusting The Process That Never Disappoint
Aug 1, 2023

Sermons are not easy, to swallow line, hook, and sinkers when what is being preached is the opposite of reality. Making heaven on papers and preaching sounds easy to the ears hearing the requirements yet, the number of those in hell far outnumbers those in heaven by millions. So, how had it been easy.?

Dos and don'ts of making heaven are easy, in fact too simple. All It requires is just minding one’s business not even loving your neighbor as yourself. Minding your business and loving your neighbor as yourself, which one is harder to do?
Minding your business and taking care of your neighbor whom you at times, know nothing about, don't you believe it’s easier to choose the business part, and yet hundreds of millions found it had to accomplish? The reason behind that anomaly is that a man or woman that founds it hard to mind their business would not be able to love their neighbor because part of loving anything is giving it freedom and breathing space.

Anyone poking his nose where it’s not needed can't be a normal person and abnormal beings don’t make heaven and even though heaven might ask you who you came with, they will never ask you who you drag along by force from earth. Alone you came empty-handed and so, alone must you leave.
We need faith in the unseen to be complete as a person, group, individual, organization, or nation to be psychologically sound, and exude confidence In self and society.

Are you still confused?

It's easy to comprehend, we just need to trust the process we are part of its creation no matter the current reality on the ground. If we don’t trust what we are part of, do we trust ourselves? Of course not. If we don’t trust ourselves, why must we expect anyone to trust us or our creation?

There’s this saying about the thieves having honor among themselves. This is a reality among many of them and other vice-committers. Think about that. Evildoers with one eye on their plot and the other on watching out for law enforcement agents still trust the process that they worked forever in the past for them with unwavering faith and still mostly not been disappointed, why not you do the right thing, working with trusted allies, trusted friends, and colleagues within the law that have been delivering for the most of the time you had been with them.
Why is it that the evil-doers had more faith in their plots and self than those doing the right things?

The answer is somewhere between trust in the group and the process and the self. Trust. The fact that we see among communist and Muslim communities where millions of others have faith in those few leading them and never asked stupid questions about any policy coming from those leaders.

Trust in self leads to people minding their business not out of greed, fear, or busybody poking their noses where it has no business being. Self-contented people are people that know the value of privacy.
If these people we rate as being lower to us in every sphere can have faith in the creation of their brains and hands, why not us the law abiders, us, the educated, us, the sound in minds, us, the good Christian, us, that did the work we see through to the best of our knowledge. Why the doubt?

The question to ask Ourselves is:
Do we trust the system from day one?
What are we had faith in from day one that we no longer do now?

What is it that we are afraid of losing or missing if what we are hoping for did not materialize?

Why the ultimatum-like attitude now to the process?

Does our trust have a season?- are we in or out of the season now?

Our problems remained what They had always been. We want it now and now not tomorrow. We hurry, we worry, we then sorry and in many cases make a move to cheat the process by cutting corners and then ending up cheating ourselves. Nature just like most processes has its laws, and regulations that must run their course or malfunction.

  “What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting. Trust the process”….Mandy Hale

No knowledge is a waste. We, humans, learn better in hardship than in plenty. During such a doubtful period in our lives, we term to pick up valuable knowledge that stays with us for lifetimes. So, why mess up such an opportunity for immediate gratification?

Today is important, no doubt about it but today was once tomorrow and so would tomorrow soon be yesterday. Why not then focus, doubting the process amounts to doubting yourself which is a mighty negative despicable thing to attach to the self. What our minds can conceive, our minds can achieve. Positive and negative alike.

Why not then try to build the mindset of the winners, If not for any other reasons, why not because that nothing is usually as it seems.

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