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March 15

Eyeball Tattoos Are Even Worse than They Sound

Blinders: Eyes Tattoos

You probably have noticed that a new fashion trend – eyeball tattoos- is gaining popularity. Just google it and you will see photos of human eyes’ whites of any imaginable color.

However, is that colorful modification that bright? Not sure.

Eyeball tattoos make cause following problems:

1) Blindness

2) Infection

3) High sensitivity

4) Constant discomfort

5) Eye loss

6) Future medical treatment problems

It should be taking into account that the Eye Tattooing process has not been studied, so there are no rules on how to accomplish the operation and no training for eye-tattooist. Any wrong move and you may lose your eyesight/entire eye (for expelling if the ink will get deeper than exactly under the surface of the conjunctiva).

Because of the pitiful outcomes of the procedure, many States in the USA ban eye-tattoos. They advise people to visit their doctor and find a pair of colored contact lenses that will make your look stunning and keep your eyes safe.

Real Stories: Permanent eyes’ damage

The story of Catt Gallinger is one of the most horrible eyes tattoo stories. Right after the tattooing procedure the girl felt pain and could see nothing because of the purple ink in her eyes. At the hospital, she got to know about numerous mistakes the tattooist made. Result: constant eye pain and poor eyesight.

Real Stories: Eye removal

Unfortunately, eye removals are not just scary stories invented for kids: it is a rough reality and a horrible eye-tattooing consequence. A 24-years old man experienced unbearable pain and loss of eyesight right at the time of the procedure.

Later Mr. Paul Freund (MD) showed during his scientific presentation on the case that the ink got too deep in the eye – almost in the middle of it. The examination revealed that the eye was not damaged exclusively by the ink – the needle contributed to the tragedy too.

Tons of operations and injections and all in vain. The surgeons could not save the eye and had to remove it – the man felt constant pain. It is also important to mention that the ink influenced the cornea the most, which means that even if the surgeons succeed in saving the eye – nothing could save the patient’s vision.

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