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March 16

Eyeball tattooing

Eye tattoos… What is it?

Eyeball tattooing is a procedure of injection of colored ink in your eyes’ whites. There are not so many tattooists in the WORLD who perform the injection. Eye-tattoos cannot be removed (they are permanent) and proved to be the most dangerous type of tattoos.

What are the possible risks?

According to various studies, this procedure can only be conducted by an experienced Ophthalmologist, as the professional can identify each person’s eyes’ specific features and make accurate injections. However, specialists decline to accomplish the eye-tattooing procedure, as it is highly dangerous and does not serve any medical services. Doctors and scientists made a list of the most common negative outcomes of eye tattooing. Here it is:

1. Complete blindness

2. Poor eyesight

3. Viruses

4. Allergy to the ink

5. Eye removal

6. High sensitivity

7. Constant pain

8. Hidden diagnosis ( due to ink doctors cannot detect eye diseases in time that may cause serious health issues)

9. And so on…

It is also highly important to point out that all the eye-tattooing consequences are not known and scientists suppose there are even more than listed above.

Tattoos in law

In many US states eyes, tattoos have been banned since 2017, because of the risks. Somewhere the procedure can be performed only to qualified doctors – however – you still should think twice: there is no way to remove the tattoo if once done.

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