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Experiences of a humane human
Sep 26, 2019

Core Spirit member since Aug 14, 2019
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Humane humans, humane persons humane personalities and even yet unknown beings (Aliens?), they all make their individual experiences.

These experiences are of a spiritual nature, become sensed, and felt bodily material/spiritual. The belonging thoughts allow it to speak over them and to valuate those experiences.

Basically base these experiences on a bipolarity.

Therefore on splitting, separation, fission of any kind with different beings and any intensity.


Therefore on healing, coming together, fusion of any kind and by any intensity.

I also can say: either life or death.

Where it also possible to say: life and death.

Where the first sentence concerns philosophy.

Here it becomes important to describe of what is living what is dying.

Because of my self-experiences, I can confirm these two paths and can them integrate inside a universal matrix. Inside spiritual universe comes/came all to the point, because all came out of a point.

Therefore, out of a point by bipolarity into manifold.


Out of manifold, through bipolarity into singularity of a point.

It is important to know that this atomic point present itself by a sub-atomic emptiness.

Inside this emptiness, the self of the universal soul is at home.

Therefore all becomes experienced in a, by my knowing, spiritual universe and indeed by spiritual thinking, sensing and feeling. Where this trinity has its impact inside fission and inside fusion.

These impacts become experienced.

By this view, I am aware of out of the body-, inside of the body-, near death-, near life-, survival-, life- and death experiences. Therefore in short: OBE, IBE, NDE, NLE, SE, LE, and DE.

Al these experiences base on spiritual thinking, sensing and feeling.

They are humane.

A possibility inside spiritual universe.



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