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Everyone Needs Healing

Jan 10, 2022
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Whether we have psychological issues or mental health problems, all of us need healing. We all experience times when we feel broken and damaged. And we require support and recovery. It is important to understand that anyone can have emotional wounds and has. We should pay attention to those wounds instead of ignoring them. And we should know that therapists and mental health experts are not only for those who have big psychological issues, anyone can ask for help from them.

Many of us don't take our suffering seriously. We give ourselves the excuse "Time heals all wounds" to not work on the inner problems that we go through. We must not take our suffering lightly and do nothing about it because when we do that, we make our wounds worse by delaying their treatment. And it's okay to suffer. Almost all of us suffer in our lives. We can either pretend that we are okay. Or choose to be authentic and reach out for healing.

Especially in this Covid era, many people are having worse problems in their life. A lot of us have lost our loved ones. The pandemic has affected all of us in many ways. It has destroyed the ways we used to live by. It gave us the wounds we were never expecting. We are learning what we were not prepared for. And we are all together in this. Pandemic is like a dark shadow that is changing its shapes and continuing to haunt us. We all are disturbed. We all need healing.

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