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Ear Surgery
Apr 16, 2021

Ear surgery.

Otoplasty or simple ear surgery is a procedure of changing a person’s ear structure. This procedure is popular among people with from birth imperfections as well among those who got their ears injured and because of that disproportional. People who have big ears (and are ashamed of that) are also fans of the procedure.

However, we should not forget about people who change their ears’ ordinary shape to unusual ones (like elfish ears) to look more attractive. Fashion!

Advantageous of the procedure

There are many reasons why your ears might look too big, too small, stick out or just be injured in a car crash or wherever. The main problem is some insecurities cause the uncommon ear shape. That is why this procedure is popular and get done even on children. Because of big ears, many children are bullied at school. To prevent their kid from having low self-esteem, parents let their child undergo the procedure.

People who did stand a chance to improve their ears in childhood often try to change their imperfection at an older age. The main restriction here is that the ears of a person should be completely formed at the moment of a procedure. But there is nothing to be worried about: normally your ear is already formed at the age of 5-6.

The procedure helps not only to make the person more attractive but as already said frees him from abnormalities or various injures.

What is the procedure?

During the procedure, people may undergo mastopexy or ear pinning. A piece of cartilage is getting removed and the becomes smaller and gets closer to your head. On the contrary when the ear is too small people undergo ear augmentation. In general, the surgery itself is not extremely difficult and take about an hour or two.


The recovery is not that long: in a week people are back to their normal activities. During the recovery week patients have to wear bandages but make it looser day by day. However, swimming pool and contact sports are forbidden.

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