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Who I Am.

May 9, 2020
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My name is Daniel Klein, 28 years old, living in Los Angeles, CA.

Since the time I had some degree of awareness (3-years-old), I’ve felt different. I felt like a fully actualized adult trapped in a child’s body, slowly waiting for my body to catch up to this spiritual awareness. I experienced living in an abusive household throughout my life with attractive parents. I bring up attractive parents because they are great actors and can fool people with appearances when they do bad things. When they abused me as a child, and later abused my brother, I realized I can NEVER EVER trust somebody who I thought I could trust and can’t judge people based on appearances alone. to do so is for the fools of society. Ironically, I get judged for not being a superficial main stream follower. Throughout my life I’ve felt extremely powerful because of my psychic abilities and gifts, but also very isolated because most people can’t relate to my experience of life; admittedly, it’s made me feel depressed sometimes.

I first started to have premonitions at age 3-4; these premonitions usually came true the following day, week, or month. I always had an uncanny ability to read people and what they are all about. People who were close to me would describe me as having very intense eye contact, even as a small child. I saw through people whether I wanted to or not. I predicted major events in the world, which I never told anybody until 15 years after they happened. Growing up with narcissistic parents, I felt nothing I had to say was important because I’d often get talked over. I developed an issue with speaking up for myself, decidedly suffering in silence and feeling powerless to tyrants was all I could do. However, I got the fuck out of my house finally at age 27 and am never returning.

So here I am, finally using my abilities for the correct purpose: helping and guiding other people in a therapeutic way. I look forward to sharing my stories and experiences here.

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