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Diary Notes #1

Feb 17, 2023

Recently, in a conversation with a loved one, we raised the topic of freedom. What is the essence of freedom? How to understand — you are free or not? Is there some kind of metric or analytics that will allow you to determine how free you are?

The result of a long dialogue over both of us is shocking. We came to the conclusion that a person’s freedom lies in his environment.You probably thought now: “This is already known.” I agree, but not everything is so simple.Try to imagine before you all the people who in one way or another influence your life. First of all, you will remember relatives and friends. Your friends will follow. Then perhaps you will remember people with whom you crossed paths once or twice in your life, but you remember them,because they left their mark on you.

Introduced? Wonderful. Got a lot? Fine. Now add to this list the people you don’t know, but they still influence you. The developers of your favorite game, the maker of your favorite candy or bottle of whiskey. State. bodies that let passively for you,but ensure your safety and comfortable standard of living. And this list is unlikely to end.

And now the most interesting. All the people you represent have some kind of relationship with you. For simplicity, I propose to divide them into 2 sides: “+” and “-”. In the black will be those who, for whatever reason, DEPEND ON YOU. On the downside, those who YOU ​​DEPEND ON.

Now it is worth asking the question: WHOM MORE?

This is where the reflection on the essence of freedom begins. And it is about the fact that it is NOT really. In the modern world, it can only be mental. And I will explain why.

As you and I found out, in the environment of each person there is an n-th number of people with whom he is dependent. In this case, to determine whether you are free or not, you need to understand the quantitative difference between the “+” and “-” sides.

If there are more people who DEPEND ON YOU than those on whom YOU DEPEND, then you have a chance to live with a sense of freedom. Otherwise, you have two options. The first is to put the “bolt” and wait,

that everything will work out (sorry for the spoiler: it will not work out). The second is to find a way to reduce the existing difference between the “poles”. Either try to transfer those on whom YOU DEPEND on to the other “side”, or add as many new people as possible to the composition of those who DEPEND ON YOU ..

Probably enough for today. If you’re interested in my way of thinking,I will always be glad to hear your opinion in the comments.

Thank you for your attention and see you)

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