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Denmark Will Be The First Country On The Planet To Become 100% Organic!

Mar 29, 2018
Emanuel Gibbs
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What could be more environmentally and socially advantageous than an entire country going 100% organic? The Danish government has actually announced that it will transform the entire country’s agriculture into organic and sustainable farming. This means that Denmark will be the first country on the planet to become 100% organic.

Denmark is at the fore-front when it comes to organic items and how they trade with the world, nevertheless the Danish government has actually set a bigger challenge. The federal government has handled to raise a huge 53 million euros in 2015 in an effort to turn the nation into a 100% organic powerhouse. This is likely to be the most enthusiastic strategy of the century however considering the fact that Denmark has currently shown it’s love for organic food; this does appear to be possible.

Denmark to Become Organic

Denmark is streaks of other nations in terms of producing organic food. The nationwide organic brand name of Denmark will be commemorating 25 years in business, making it one of the oldest organic brands in the world. The outcome is that organic exports have actually increased by a whopping 200% since 2007.

The federal government has 2 primary angles of implementation: one is to turn traditional farmland into natural, while the other is to promote increased need for organic products.

The aim is to double the farming land cultivated with natural approaches by 2020 (compared to 2007), as the 67-point document explains, drafted by Økologiplan Danmark, the Organic Action Plan for Denmark.

Denmark to Become Organic

Not only will land belonging to the federal government be cultivated using natural and biodynamic techniques, however the federal government will support and fund those working and investing in this sector, to establish brand-new technologies and concepts that help promote growth. And we’re not simply talking about fruits and vegetables, however also livestock– especially pigs.

Who will lead the modification in dynamics? The ministry, regions and cities have signed up with forces, and all organizations have been given the initiative to lead by example. The first organic target is 60% of food served to the public. Schools– starting from nursery schools– as well as healthcare facilities and non-privatized lunchrooms must respect it. National public institutions serve around 800,000 meals a day, that will be increasingly “green”.

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