Deck of the month: Dreams of Gaia
Sep 17, 2023

For the month of September I am using the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, a Druidic-based tarot with an unusual Major Arcana of 24 cards instead of 22. This deck was designed by Ravynne Phelan, an independent Wicca artist.

I like this deck for the depth of its symbolism — I’d say it’s at least equivalent to the Crowley-Thoth tarot, but with a different perspective. While Crowley’s deck is focused on Greek and Hermetic symbolism, this one is focused on Celtic, Welsh, Druidic and Wicca symbols, spirits, and gods.

I chose it for September because of its relationship to harvest time, an important time in the Druidic and Wicca calendar. The spirit of nature is with us always, it is where we are from and always where we are going. We are natural, part of nature: nothing that exists can be “artificial” because it comes from nature.

September is a month for working, harvesting, and planning for the winter months. I hope this month’s cards guide you towards abundance and reserves for the rest of the year.

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