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Diary Notes #2

Feb 15, 2023

First of all, please forgive me for my English. My native Russian, but I only learn English

Let’s talk about addicts…

If you managed to imagine everything that I wrote about before, you most likely found that the people you depend on more than those dependent on you. Congratulations, as they say, accepting a problem is the first step to solving it.

Unfortunately, this is the current trend. The percentage of “dependent” strongly prevails over “those who on whom they depend.”

For ease of understanding, let’s take that very difference. Those who depend on you – X. Who you depend on – Y. We need their ratio – X / Y. It can either be greater than 1 (if X is greater) or less (if Y is greater). It remains to imagine a coordinate system, where the vertical is the difference X / Y, and the horizontal coming out of the coordinate (0; 1) - this time. Now it remains to choose any moment of your life, determine X / Y and mark the point. If it’s hard to imagine, you can take a sheet and a pen and draw, it will be easier))

So, from birth (that is, at the beginning of the horizontal axis), you can safely put a dot on one. You were born, you depend on your parents they depend on you. You are taken to the doctors for examinations to make sure that you were born healthy – you depend on the doctors. At the same time, for a doctor, you are his job, his area of ​​responsibility, which means that he also depends on you, in other words, if something happens to you through his fault, he will be punished. Based on this, we conclude
that the first years of life, the ratio X / Y is always equal to 1, and if it fluctuates, then it is not yet able to affect your life.

Difficulties begin when you first take responsibility. From this moment on, you get the right not only to interact with this world and its inhabitants, but also to influence its order and the lives of its inhabitants.

And for the first time you did something important and significant for you, you began to say that you are already an adult, although you still go to kindergarten with your mother by the hand and here the Modern World gives you a good bream and makes you calm down. At this moment, you can safely put the next point much lower than the horizontal axis, because the modern world has made you addicted. Now the number of those on whom you depend has become much higher, but those who depend on you have not increased …

If you do not agree, you can share your opinion in the comments. And if you still don’t understand anything, read the sequel. In the future, I will definitely tell you more.

If it got stuck

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