7 Steps to Follow While Growing Marijuana at Home
Dec 19, 2019

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Marijuana presence in society has become a regular thing in today’s world. It comes with the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use in different states and countries around the world. As a result, individuals are trying towards farming marijuana due to the associated benefits that studies continue to uncover with each passing day.

However, if it is your first time growing cannabis, it might present many challenges, especially if unsure of what you are doing. Therefore, here is a guide with seven steps that will help you grow and harvest better marijuana yields.

1. Finding the right location

The first step towards increasing cannabis is selecting the right spot in your home to plant it. The best or desirable areas should be secure, out of the way, and secluded to avoid tampering. Such a place may be an empty bedroom, basement, or attic depending on your preferences or available space.

The area must be easy to clean and retain cleanliness, easily accessible, and strategic. Cannabis plants require a clean environment for maximum yields. Therefore, items such as carpets or drapes are challenging to clean, and you should avoid such locations for your plants.

2. Setting up the growing medium

After identifying the perfect growth location, it is now time to set up the area. Studies show the right conditions in which to farm cannabis for high yields, includes a proper growth medium such as the soil or hydroponics. As a beginner, using the ground is advisable as it is easier to regulate and use in comparison to hydroponics.

Hydroponics (soilless growth mediums) provide support for the cannabis root system, ensuring that the plant gets its nutrients, water, and other minerals. They include growth mediums such as coco coir, rock wool, vermiculite, perlite, among others. You can decide on the medium by getting more information on the soil and soilless growth mediums.

3. Setting up other growing conditions

Cannabis requires adequate light for indoor or at home growing. Lighting translates to a better harvest. You can consider different lighting mediums, including fluorescents, LEDs, HIDs, among others. Ensure the amount of light you provide your cannabis is similar to sunlight.

Install air filters at a lower level to allow fresh air into the growing area and fans to filter out hot air on higher levels, which improves airflow into the room. Examine the temperatures to avoid stressing your plants. Keep the humidity at par to prevent pests infestations and growth of mold. Ensure the availability of essential nutrients for the plants. To get the best cannabis harvest, make sure you buy seeds from one of the top brands, Getkush, which is a reputed online retailer offering doorstep delivery.

4. Source and germinate the right cannabis seeds

Finding marijuana seeds can be a daunting task for beginners. As a result, first-time marijuana growers should have adequate information on the right strains to get to avoid setbacks and reduced yields. Different strains have different needs, and finding the most straightforward strain to grow is advisable. To grow healthy cannabis plants it’s recommended that one buy cannabis seeds online through reputed retailers only.

Once you have the right seeds, germinate them either in a pot or in a wet paper towel and wait for a few days for them to sprout. However, to avoid the transplanting shock, it is advisable to plant in a pot such that you transfer the grown plant with adequate soil into a larger container. You can also use a small greenhouse, but it cost you more than desired.

5. Plant and monitor the vegetative cannabis

Test the nutrients in your planting medium, including mineral content. It determines whether you require adding fertilizer to boost the quality of the medium. Also, evaluate the pH, water content, and other essential factors for cannabis growth. Once satisfied, transplant the cannabis plants into bigger pots or from the wet paper towels into the jars.

The vegetative stage of a cannabis plant comes with the development of the plant’s first leaves. Plants require constant monitoring as they need a slightly higher temperature than room temperatures for maximum growth, an increase in nutrient content, and adequate lighting preferable 24 hours. Control enables fast identification of plant deficiencies and providing a remedy before they spread.

6. Monitor and evaluate the flowering cannabis

From the vegetative stage, cannabis plants start to flower. The essential for proper flowering include a reduction in sunlight exposure from a whole day to half, i.e. 12 hours. Examine the plants to remove any males, low-quality cannabis harvests, and monitoring the remaining feminized plants for any flowering deficiencies. To avoid mistakes, and develop flowers with similar potency like marijuana Canada, source feminized seeds that do not require weeding out of male plants.

Ensure that you clone and clip your plants before they start flowering to increase the growing space for your plants, less risk congestion. Adjust the ventilation system, lighting, and airflow to suit the flowering stage. Add nutrients if the plants indicate deficiencies water accurately and give your plants room to mature.

7. Harvest, and cure your marijuana

Harvesting your weed is the most satisfying time for a farmer as they can already confirm their prowess in growing the plant. Before harvesting, ensure that at least 80% of your flowers are dark, as it indicates they are mature and more potent. Harvest by trimming the buds and hanging them upside down for drying. Ensure you label the buds for reference in the future.

Place the buds in an airtight jar and store them in a cold dark room. Add some desiccants to absorb any moisture they produce and allow them to dry and age. Remove the marijuana once you are satisfied that it is ready for consumption or according to your preference.


Growing marijuana involves simple steps that are easy to follow and learn. Therefore, if you desire to produce any marijuana strain, make sure to follow the above steps for better and quality marijuana yields.

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