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Introducing Me!
Apr 5, 2020

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Hey, you. (You will DEFINITELY want to read this)

My name is Anna. I am a 20 year old college drop out and very proud, because I now get to experience life on earth how I want to! Keep reading…you won’t regret it.

School was always extremely tedious for me - perhaps because I am an INFP. Or maybe because I am so very sensitive to energy, that spending a whole day around people exhausts me. Or maybe. JUST maybe. It’s because I am meant for greater things beyond going to class for a quarter of my life just to get out and work a nine to five. I mean come on. Do you KNOW me??

Anyway. I am committed to my success in ways you might not even understand. I am a person of growth. I take my personal growth very seriously. I do yoga practically all day. I have self love practices. I give myself Reiki and practice tapping (aka EFT.)

Not ONLY am I a Reiki master; I am ALSO co-organizer of a spiritual meetup, I have a YouTube channel, and I even completed a 100 hour teacher training yoga course! Oh, and I am currently in a life coaching program (until August 1, 2020.)

I have A LOT under my belt I would say. Of course, I am always eager to learn more regarding the topics I am interested in.

If anything I said spoke to your soul, then please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would be ever so grateful!

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