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Dec 3, 2019

The challenges of the 21st century make life seem more and more rapid, giving the impression that there is never enough time to fulfill all our goals and commitments, much less to plan and accomplish what truly gives us pleasure, doesn´t it? Most intriguing, perhaps, is that this hallucinatory routine seems to repeat itself in all phases of life.

It doesn´t matter if you are 20, 30 or 50 years old … Ever since we “fell into the world” and assumed the responsibilities of adulthood, it seems we never had the opportunity to look inside ourselves, to listen to our hearts and to take care of our interior garden.

I speak from my own experience: at the age of 20 I lived alone (actually sharing an apartment with friends) and spent almost all of my time building the first steps of my IT career, studying for college degree and paying the accounts of early adult life. Step by step I was gaining better positions in market until, five years later and already with a well structured career, came the demands and professional commitments - after all, I had struggled and asked for it!

Little did I know, however, that by reaching those first goals, new and greater plans would emerge, and with them new and greater demands as well. And looking at the side, watching the life and routine of my friends, I noticed the same happened with all of them. We had big dreams, we had big plans, and every year it seemed like there was less time to get them. The days were filled with the routine: to complete the studies, to study even more, to raise the children, to pay the bills, to build a good marriage, to take care of the house … And every day, new choices, new decisions and new doubts. Well … I think you know what I mean, right?

In the midst of it all, how many times have I - and you! - felt at a crossroads, not knowing which path to choose? How many times do we look up to the skies and ask “oh my Gods, what is my destiny”? How often, with a lump in our throats, do we yearn to hear a single divine word that would indicate how to move forward and, even with so many challenges, to find a moment of peace and happiness?

Until one day I finally heard that word… I heard that voice… The first time I went through a Cowrie Shell Divination I could feel clearly the presence of the Orishas. It was like listening to them by my side. They called me, talked to me and helped me choose the best way forward. They taught me how to become a better person on a daily basis, and when the pains and dangers of the world approached me, I could really feel they reaching out for me and performing their protection magic.

For all this, I became Babalosha. When I heard the voice of the Orishas for the first time, I realized that I had a mission of life and that mission was as simples as to take Their words and Their comfort to those who wished for it.

After all, what is the Cowrie Shell Divination?

The Cowrie Shell Divination is the voice of the Orishas - African Gods of Nature. Through it, the Orishas priest will identify your Birth Odu (something like a Horoscope Sign), your regent Orishas, which other Orishas bless your spirituality and which energies of the universe are interfering in a positive or negative way so that you can reach your desires and goals.

The consultation to the Cowrie Shell Divination reveals your wishes, your dreams and life goals, the perspectives for your future, the ways to follow a path of victories or the reasons why you have not yet reached whom you would like to be. In addition, it is also a portrait of the world around you and the way the outside energies affects your life.

From cowries interpretations, the Priest also identifies the right ways to correct problems and to potentiate solutions to all kinds of bodily and soul evils: health, career and work, personal evolution and challenges, love and relationships, and many other issues.

Unlike other oracles, in consultation with the Cowrie Shell Divination you do not have to ask any questions or say anything: Ifá - the Orisha of Wisdom and Destiny - along with Eshu - the Orisha of Communication and Movement - know exactly what it passes in your heart and your life and so the sacred messages are deciphered without saying anything.

Yet, as a powerful and powerful personal guidance and counseling tool, during the consultation you can ask any questions you may have about any subject and area of ​​your life, for Eshu is the God that reveals the mysteries of the Universe.

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